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Roadside assistance in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ]{ing Nothing, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I haven't been around for a while, but had the fun of my bike refusing to start due to some electrical problem, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good roadside assistance and/or towing service in Melbourne? I've had a look at sites for



    P.S. Not particularly looking to sign up with a service, but if that's all that available, so be it.
  2. Where abouts are you? Someone nearby might have a trailer you could use...

    Is that a photo of Anton LaVey in your profile?
  3. +1 if ya make friends with some people on here then you can get a tow for a slab with no anual fees.

    hahn superdry for me

    or an anual contract of little creatures pale ale gets you up to 2 free callouts, the rest are charged at hahn superdry.

    *nb subject to when not working
  4. RACV total care seem pretty good.

    They won't fix the bike on the scene, but judging by reports from others, and one personal experience with MattB on the forums they'll tow you back home from anywhere in the state.
  5. Far too much hassle. I don't know enough people with cars, let alone trailers.
    ...a little bit.... >_>

    Ah might just add my bike to my RACV policy. Gotta wait 24 hours before I can use the tow though. Hopefully the bike is still there tomorrow :-(

    Your rates are quite attractive Slick :)

    I think this is a sign to upgrade my 250 after like 3 years...
  6. RACV total care has saved me a few times now, will tow you home or to mechanic and what ever vehicle you are in/on is covered.
  7. What is actually the problem with the bike? If you stick a post up in Tech & Trouble shooting, someone might have an easy solution for fixing it...
  8. Yeah except I'm hopeless with mechanics etc. Even taking the faring off is too much effort, and I just don't have time to fiddle around with stuff - especially when I don't know what I'm doing.

  9. Thanks guys. I ended up upgrading my RACV coverage to include the bike and got it towed to the mechanic. Hopefully I'll find out what went wrong tomorrow. :-(