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Roadside Assistance available for bikes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Zaphod69, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    The roadside assistance service I use is now advertising their service for motorbikes as well - http://www.247roadservices.com.au/products.htm

    Wayne :grin:

  2. Wrong forum n00b.

    Businesses and Service Providers
  3. done, kish!
  4. Thanks for that Paul and apologies for posting in the wrong forum.

    Wayne :grin:
  5. sound interesting. good prices? I once rang NRMA Road Side Assistance. I didn't go with them, I think they were too expensive? I can't remember.

    This company is based in Newscastle, NSW

    How many competitors are there in this field?
  6. Ebike insurance offers FREE 24/7 roadside assist with their insurance policies.
  7. NRMA has a special going at the moment for NSW/ACT residents for motorcycle breakdown service.

    If you get the premium service ($162.50 pa) you get a $50 fuel voucher so it makes it $112.50.

    Premium service offers hotel accom etc if you break down away from home, as well as the regular break down service. I just joined and thought others might be interested also.

    Ph 1300 183 720 or view here: