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Roadside assist QLD?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by coaltrain, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hi ,
    Have noticed a few threads about roadside assist pertaining to the southern states. Any views, oppinions, advice for Queensland? Does RACQ do the job, or would there be better recommendations?

  2. Yep RACQ do roadside assistant for bikes. We added mine onto the car, cost a little but not much. Used it once all good
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  3. I have the RACQ ultracare and i double checked to make sure that when they said any vehicle, that it included motorcycles. Other than that i believe the riders division of Motorcycling Australia has a roadside assist.
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  4. Both my husband and I are on RACQ Ultracare. Hubbys bike died while out on a ride earlier this year and we rang RACQ. They came and towed the bike home, no problem. If you have the hire/replacement option on your policy they will provide a car not a bike, but the service we got from them was great.
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  5. Thankyou all, looks like RACQ Ultracare is it.
  6. I also got RACQ ultra. I have not had a bike picked up, but come across a rider who had crashed once and he had racq too, and they picked up his bike.
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  7. Had my bike picked up by RACQ six months ago when the regulator fried
    I was within 50klms of home so was free
    oh BTW,Not all the sub contractor drivers they use are comfortable tying bikes down,so had to assist a little...
  8. I'd double check if thet cover "towing" as a result of an accident. I'm fairly sure that it's one of the clauses for RACV Total Care. (But Qld may differ). I know that RACV only guarantee motorcycle specific towing with a certain radius of the CBD, so in the country they'll put it on a standard tray truck....
  9. RACQ Ultra member. Used once, basically paid itself off on that one occasion. The cool thing, though, is that I became a member when my bike broke down (as in 10min after the fact) and they towed me ~25km home under my brand new membership at no extra charge.

    So yeah, 200 odd dollars for two year's membership and an on-the-spot tow when I became a member. Good service I reckon!