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Roadside Assist Options - Vic {moved from general to business providers as it is the CORRECT forum,

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MelbourneMick, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. I have had a look at the RACV Total Care and as I am not a member it is going to cost me close to $200 per annum per vehicle. The reason I am looking at this is you don't pay for the first 100km of towing and considering a tow is $4 per kilometer after that it can add up if you are a long way from home

    Are there any other compabys that offer Roadside Assist that are reliable?

    Any to totally avoid?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Re: Roadside Assist Options - Vic

    Hey I'm under the impression that RACV total care is for you rather than your car...
    In other words, if you're stuck they'll come and assist you regardless what you're driving/riding.

    Hopefully someone can confirm if they've had this happen to them...
  3. Re: Roadside Assist Options - Vic

    Total care definitely covers you for any vehicle you drive or ride (Car, Motorbike, Bicycle etc..). You then nominate one of those vehicles in which anyone who drives or rides it has roadside assistance cover :)
  4. Re: Roadside Assist Options - Vic

    The website states you must nominate vehicles and you are charged the annual fee per vehicle.
  5. Re: Roadside Assist Options - Vic

    Sorry Stuey I am a bit slow on the uptake here.

    I have a bike and a car. So I can pay the one amount of $197.00 and niminate my bike but I am also covered whilst driving my car???
  6. Re: Roadside Assist Options - Vic

    No worries! Your correct, from the RACV website:
  7. Re: Roadside Assist Options - Vic

    Thanks mate!

    After some further internet searches I can't really find anything good about other roadside services.
  8. The way Total Care has worked (so far) for us - I am covered in any vehicle, and my nominated vehicle is covered no matter who is driving it. So I nominate my wife's car, and she is effectively covered, but I need to make the call in.
    I am automatically covered no matter what bike or car I use.

    Either way, I am probably going to sign up for MA's roadside assistance scheme ($40 I think?) just because I think it's a good idea.
  9. I'm thinking of taking up RACV Total Care as well.

    What's this MA Roadside Assistance deal like?
  10. I have no idea, but I know where I'd rather my money go.
    Will probably need to keep the RACV cover for the missus and cage, though (unless the conditions change).
  11. i just spoke with the RACV.
    Under Total Care you nominate one vehicle eg the bike.

    if you are out in your car and things go tits up when you call them you just explain the bike is the primary vehicle on the policy and the vehicle you are currently in is your secondary and you are covered. If you call in and just give the car rego they won't know what you are on about as the policy only lists one vehicle.
    It works out to about less than $4 a week for me so I took it.
  12. MA only coveres for 50km;s of towing. It would be worth knowing what the per kilometer rate is after that. You can get royally shafted on Towing,
  13. So RACV is the go then, Mick. And covered Aus wide - I presume?
  14. For what you pay you get the widest coverage. What you are covered for depends how far from home you are etc.

    example 60k's from home and your bike breaks down. they will tow your bike and pay for a cab.

    All the details are on the website but I rang and confirmed a few things with them. For less than $4 a week it is worth it. Also the piece of mind.
    I had to remove a piece from my mind on the Rawson ride so i didn't jinx myself by not having any cover. It worked but I reckon it only works once.
  15. I agree RE: peace of mind. I keep thinking 'what if...' on all rides so need this sorted out ASAP.
  16. Just to clarify the Roadside Assistance package the Australian Riders' Division of MA offers:

    This is a basic package tailored to the needs of motorcyclists who have broken down, got a puncture, run out of fuel, etc. Those little common things that can really ruin your day!

    For the $39 membership fee you get: 2 call-outs per year; up to 50kms free transport; fuel if you need it; jump start if you need it. Any number of bikes covered and all bikes can be of any age.

    For those seeking higher levels of coverage there are providers other than RACV out there who are every bit as good - you just need a bit of google-foo.

    For those concerned about the extra towing fees, please note that this package is designed to get you to a place where you can get help within 50kms of where you break down (home, shop, servo, etc) if you require more than 50kms that can be negotiated with the provider but it will really depend on where you are. This is a basic package designed to get you out of trouble, not designed to get you 500kms home! As such, it is costed accordingly - affordable!

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  17. Mick I went over this over the phone and signed up

    I nominated my car which I paid $200 per year actully I paid $527 for 3 years. They give you a discount.

    My car is covered who ever drives it. Also I am covered for any other car/bike i drive at the time. IF you lent me your bike for a day and it broke down and you had no road side I could call RACV and get it looked at under my name. This is how I cover my car and bike.
    If you decided to Total car per car/bike so anyone who drives it is covered then it's $200 per year. They do this for dual car families I think that are both driven at the same time.
  18. i went with RACV ToTal care in the end.
    They may not be on everyones Xmas Card list but there are bugger all competative alternatives.
    There is a market there waiting.............