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Roadside Assist in Victoria

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by FormerUser1, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. This is posted as a separate thread for those who haven't been following this thread:

    Actually, that's not right....
    Just been through it with a mate who'd come off last week...and who's GOT the Total Care package.
    The fine print under the relevant section says:
    "If the vehicle is in a ROADWORTHY condition".
    Argued the case with RACV over the phone (to save myself the lengthy 800km return trailer-trip to Orbost) and it came down to this:

    As pertaining to accidents (NOT breakdown):
    The tow from the accident scene is covered by the bike insurance (IF full-comp insured). Towing the closest tow-company depot only.
    The tow from that depot to either home or the nearest repair shop for THAT damaged vehicle is NOT covered.
    What is covered however, is the transport of the vehicle to the home location of the insured....IF the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition (and which vehicle is after an accident?? There'll be at least a busted light or such, rendering it technically un-roadworthy)

    The only cover under Total Care is for circumstances like this (again, pertaining to accidents... NOT breakdown):
    If the vehicle has an accident, the owner (policyholder) is incapacitated (i.e. hospital), the vehicle is repaired AFTER the accident, but the insured not able to drive bc still in hospital/ transferred to specialists/ whatever....THEN, and only then,....will the RACV either tow or supply a driver to get the vehicle back to the home of the insured.

    As a practical, first-hand example of how Total Care relates to someone injured in a bike-prang, submitted to hospital with minor injuries (again, relating to the recent Orbost accident):
    Total care did cover the transport of the insured back to Melbourne.
    Injuries were light, major bruising/ contusions/ abrasions etc of knee/ foot/ shoulder, no fractures. major swelling and greatly reduced mobility under pain.
    The Total Care solution provided for the foillowing: Taxi-trip hospital-coach terminal Orbost....coach trip to Bairnsdale....train ride Bairnsdale-Dandenong....taxi Dandenong-home.
    An endless journey for someone on crutches (which were unobtainable through the hospital that weekend), carrying a busted topbox and a DriRider jacket.
    Even the resident quack said NO WAY to that one...and kept the person for another night at the hospital until either fit to undertake the journey or some alternative transport could be found (which was organized privately).

    The ironic thing is that all points are covered if the vehicle breaks down, rather than crashes.
    So....if you're unhurt after a reg/rec shit itself 600km out from arsehole-east...all is covered. The tow, 10 days hire-car, motel accomodation...the works. All that while you're capable of walking/ talking.
    But when the shit hits the fan...Total Care is just about nowhere to be seen.
  2. I gather that my Honda Roadside Assistance Gold package is the same.....they piss off when you need them the most (i.e. machine and body are down and out not just the machine).
  3. Yo...most Roadside Assist programs (if not all) built on existing structures, subcontracting to them (or being subcontracted by them).

    i.e. Most (if not all) car manufacturer's Assist programs (like Holden/ Daewoo/ Toyota...which I know off first-hand) are just piggy-backed onto RACV. No more, no less.
  4. Your insurer will cover all these costs. Call them when you come off and they'll arrange towing etc.
  5. I hope NOT: what are you paying 99 bucks a year for otherwise, a fancy plastic card and a mis-spelt letter???
  6. ...not as in our case. The initial RECOVERY is covered by the full-comp insurance (in our case a 110km return transport from crash-site to Orbost at Public Holiday Rates of $5 plus GST per kilometer).

    IF...if....we would've been out around Healesville/ Eildon etc (somewhere closeby), that tow could've extended to the home-address/ bike-shop/ whatever...and no additional cost would've been incurred....all 1 trip (at the discretion of the towing company, which could well break up the journey over 2 days/ whatever, but charge for it as ONE trip)

    Due to the long transport (Orbost-Melb return for a tow-truck, ~~800km), any 2. leg would've been at the expense of the vehicle owner (QBE full comp).
  7. ouch.

    Perhaps we need to invest in a netrider recovery trailer and those affected can pay for the time/recovery costs, or we could all put in X amount per year and operate it that way?
  8. In due course ya'll be getting a reply from Kishy :p

    Stay tuned..
  9. That idea has been bandied around a few times in the past and as usual, it comes down to money and effort.

    Who/ where would that trailer (or better, 2 trailers, 1 in the east, one in the west to cover the 2 main riding areas around Melb) be located?
    Would that person who "stores" the trailer be the one to be expected to do the recoveries? (which could equate to 1000s of km per year and mnay busted weekends, late-night returns etc etc)
    There'd have to be a fund for rego/ maintenance of those trailer/s.

    The practical and logistical side of things are not too easy.

    Then again, let's look at most situations of that kind...
    Most have their bikes comp-insured at time of purchase.
    Then they add all sorts of accessories/ mods...many of them quite pricey.
    Only some (sometimes none) of those might get damaged in a prang. The bike gets written off , the owner often doesn't see it anymore after leaving the accident scene.
    The policies have not been updated along the way and all those extras disappear, the eventual purchaser of the wreck rubbing his/ her hands.
    Been there, done that. Bought damaged bikes with over $2k of extras on them (for not a cent more than I'd paid for a stocker).
    Doing a "mate recovery" would also mean to be able to strip those extras/ mods (either for re-sale or re-fit on the replacement bike) before the official assessment.
    Yes, there's a lot of merit in the trailer-idea (and "mate recovery"), the hurdles remain though.
  10. Might be wise to read the policy details, fineprint, exclusions etc etc...then call them up with a scenario. You might be surprised.
  11. This was going to be a long post on how we could implement but then I thought "and we get people to pay how?", and decided that perhaps it's best left as is.
  12. It could make a good business.....ready made market niche for you...but there has to be a reason why the road side assistance mob don't do it.

    Honda Rider Assistance comes from a mob call SOS International....
  13. 2 self storage units could house the trailers.

    An 0500 number or 2x pagers for contact.

    offer it as a different level of membership, annual subscription.

    It is possible :)
  14. Anything is possible if you have the outlay & demand for it.
  15. The main points to remember in roadside assistant package is that.....

    1. in the Melb metro area it is illegal for a commercial towing company to provide a tow for an impact related vehicle that is still within 2 kms of the accident scene, unless they have been assigned the tow by the Accident Allocation callcentre and system.

    2. Roadside assist packages are for breakdowns, not accidents/impacts.

    Now recently Total Care with the RACV can provide some benefits such as taxi, hire car or accomodation, but towing is a definite no-no.

    If an accident occurs outside the Melbourne Accident Allocation controlled area, then any towing company can tow, but it will be at a cost between you, the towies and your insurer.

    The basic, and simple, rule of thumb is.....

    Breakdown - Roadside Assist.
    Accident/impact - Insurance.
  16. Here's what the Honda Rider Assist website says...

    "In the event of an accident, we will advise you on correct accident procedures and arrange the transportation of your motorcycle to an authorised Honda repairer, repairer of your choice or your home address at your request.

    "All accident transportation costs are the responsibility of the owner/rider or your insurance company. Accident means any incident due to the impact or collision with another object, attempted theft or vandalism of the motorcycle."
  17. ...and the whole reason for the post. It's easy to get blinded by "you've got NOTHING to worry about, we'll fix EVERYTHING...complete peace of mind" bold-letter advertising without reading the fine-print, or in this case, actually calling up clarifying the issue. The pamphlets gave a different outlook on the situation, even the towing-mob in Orbost had to check back as to the exact meaning of [fineprint underneath the gloss] :
    "if the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition".

    Just as a heads-up (as it was to me at the time) to anyone else who might believe that literally EVERYTHING gets taken care of.
    Seen the Total Care working well when Moike's BM shit itself in Bright some years ago....bike and Moike were back in Melbourne before us, all courtesy of the RACV.
  18. That might work....good ideas.
    Annual sub to cover costs....another good idea.
    Trailers wouldn't come cheap, as in some cases recovery of a bike might also involve dragging it up a hillside/bank via a winch. Toolbox needed as well (with some basics), first-aid kit, crowbar/ Stiltsons etc to make the wreck somewhat mobile. Watercanister to wash off coolant/ oil/grime before driving the rig home etc etc
    Don't say NO...I've seen 'em bent too often and dragging something up a bank which hasn't got a front-end in it is damn hard yakka. Without plenty of hands and/ or a winch....impossible.

    Still leaves the question of who's going to do the hours behind the wheel, too. An afternoon around the Black Spur ain't too bad, but adding time from YOUR (Vic's) home location either end could easily make it an 8hr return trip. Or more.
    Orbost took 13hrs all up. Plus the time to re-wire the trailer for a different plug on the car towing it. Plus another 45 mins to repack the wheel-bearings that morning, as the trailer hadn't seen long-distance duty for a while.

    An emergency-register of volunteers with appropriate cages/bullbars/wiring to match those trailers could be the answer.
  19. +1 RACV, used it a couple of times and no issues.