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Roads We Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by lc46400, Oct 12, 2016.

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  2. Great drone film..
  3. This is fantastic. Shall have to visit the road someday
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  4. Really well made, suspected it was an RMS film when they started talking about safety but it isnt as dramatic as some of their ads which is refreshing.
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  5. Come up, I'll show you around, I learned to ride on that road forty years ago....
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  6. That was a great video! Made me want to go there!
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    Check out his other videos on YouTube

    Stories Of Bike is the name of the YT Channel.

    Love his work.
  8. As I said above, come on up and I'll show it to you.......
  9. This is brilliant. Makes me want to go buy a drone and hit the road. The production quality of this video is just epic.

    Putty Rd is now on my bucket list!
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  10. Nice Maico!