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Roads to go on your "Bucket List"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Saw a similar article in 'Australian Road Rider'. Was an interesting read, with some roads apparently deserving their place on the list and some not. Either way, be good to get around the world and ride them all!

    Cheers mate - boingk
  2. Some nice twisty ones up the top.

    I really want to do the tail of the dragon (Deals Gap) at some point in my life, probably in a sportscar like my MR2 or an Elise rather than a bike, but either way...

    318 corners in 11 miles. :angel:
  3. How about some of your favourite Australian roads?
  4. Bucket list = Nurburg ring and many roads in Italy.
  5. Favourite Australian road? Mt Glorious would HAVE to be up there with the best!
  6. that tunnel road in china looks sweet. more of a car road than a bike one though
  7. You'll change your mind after you've been to Tasmania..It's not in my Top Ten Australian roads.
  8. I did the Amalfi Coast by car, I will be back to do it on a bike.
  9. That comes highly recommended by my Italian relatives.
  10. If you can avoid the traffic. But I think part of the appeal for that road is not wanging around some twisties on your own, but enjoying the surroundings when you can take your eyes of the crazy drivers :LOL:
  11. +1. Unbelievable bit of tar, but actually too scary, both for the sheer drop inches away, and the intense, fast moving traffic.

    Plus, the view is so gorgeous you just can't concentrate.

  12. I didn’t find the Italians much worse than Melbourne drivers, its ordered chaos.

    Some of the rides on the list are just the roads; you get little else out of it.

    Where with the Amalfi Coast you get the great road scenery some fantastic towns and great food.

    And Italy has Autostradas its win win win.
  13. Really? 8 or 9 columns of traffic on a ring road marked with 5 official lanes...people parking anywhere there is a place physically big enough for them to fit...people barreling around 1.5 lane, two way blind corners at 70kph.

    Some of that was pretty intense! :grin:

  14. Paris is where it’s at; if you can ride/drive around the Arc de Triomphe without dying you can ride drive anywhere.
  15. And yet... they mostly get away with it. I know they have their share of crashes, but when you're in those towns the manic frenzy seems to still be relatively free of catastrophe. Melbourne drivers would melt down.
    I'm just agreeing (I think) that the Amalfi coast road has more to offer without necessarily fanging it.

    Unlike the Stelvio...

    (Turkish coast from Kas to Kemer is remarkably similar to Amalfi, BTW)
  16. The Gillies range was on my list, since moving to Cairns and doing it, its hard bloody work.
    420 corners mostly 35-40kmph posted. All this in 19km.
    Its a bit of a drop on the left and mountain face rack on the right, overtaking lanes are provided and you bloody need them.
    Not many places to get past the 4wd towing boats, and you woudnt want to risk it.
    Hardcore road in my book, will take alot more practice to get into the swing.
  17. I've done Pikes Peak in Mustang. I don't think I'd do it on a street/sports bike, but I'd give it a go on a dual purpose.

    Can also recommend Zion National park. The road is OK but the scenery that goes with it make it stunning.