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VIC Roads that were travelled at higher speeds without incident

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. After reading and hearing of people riding or driving safely and without incident on certain roads at higher speeds than the posted speed limits I thought that a record of these incidents should be kept for research purposes.

    If an inexperienced driver was able to safely travel at 180kmh on the Bacchus Marsh-Geelong Rd then surely the speed limit can be increased.

    Increasing the limit would cut travel times especially for a person using the road both ways on a daily basis.

    Teen caught speeding at 180km/h in his father's car, police say

    Amelia Harris Herald Sun April 04, 2011 6:04AM

    A TEENAGER who had only had his licence for two days horrified police when they nabbed him doing 80km/h over the speed limit.

    The 18-year-old from Herne Hill, Geelong, was sprung doing 180km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Bacchus Marsh-Geelong Rd, Balliang, last night.

    The P-plater was driving his father's car when Bacchus Marsh police patrolling in a divvy van spotted it travelling towards Geelong about 10.30pm.

    The teenager will be charged on summons with traffic offences including driving in a dangerous manner, speeding and careless driving.

    His car was impounded under hoon legislation.

    Bacchus Marsh Sgt Stefan Rea said the speeding teenager was a timely reminder for drivers to take care on the road, particularly with Easter just around the corner.

    "Police are on the roads and will catch those who drive at these dangerous speeds," Sgt Rea said.

    "They can expect to lose their cars and possibly even their licences."

  2. Great logic.

    May as well scrap the mandatory use of Helmets/seatbelts too. Think of all the times you have ridden/driven without incident so these laws can also be relaxed.
  3. how so?

    And who said he did it safely?

    and allow mobile phone use while driving, drink driving, etc.
  4. This one was disscused on netrider.

    121kmh on the Black Spur safely and without incident. Furthermore there were another 28 people that travelled the spur at higher speed without incident.

    Yarra Ranges operations snag 30 speeders

    Monday, 28 March 2011 13:03

    A motorcyclist caught travelling at 121km/h in an 80km/h zone on the Black Spur was one of 30 riders and drivers caught speeding by the Yarra Ranges Highway Patrol over the weekend.

    The 44-year-old from Balwyn North who was riding a BMW R1200GS when caught by police on Sunday will lose his license for six months, gain six demerit points and faces a $448 fine.

    Over the weekend, the Yarra Ranges Highway Patrol ran Operations Goad and Surreptitious utilising both covert and overt tactics to ensure motorists attracted to the area’s scenic roads, drive and ride safely.

    Operation Goad, which ran on Saturday, is a high-visibility operation in which police actively patrol across the area in large numbers targeting speeding and dangerous drivers and riders.

    Sunday’s Operation Surreptitious is a covert style operation in which involves police conceal themselves within local roads to catch dangerous motorists in the act.

    As part of Operation Goad, police detected:
    • Sixteen speeding offences
    • Two drink driving offences
    • One dangerous driving offence
    • One unlicensed driving offence
    • Two seatbelt offences.

    As part of Operation Surreptitious, police detected:
    • Thirteen speeding offences
    • One drink driving offence
    • One unregistered vehicle (motorcycle).

    Leading Senior Constable Graeme Rust said police had been running the operations over summer months targeting motorcycle trauma in the high-risk area.

    “The Yarra Ranges and surrounds has some of the most scenic motorcycle riding areas in Victoria, unfortunately with this we have also been a hot-spot for motorcycle-related trauma,” Ldg Sen Const Rust said.

    “In response to this we have been running these types of operations in recent years with strong success. The speeds we are detecting motorcyclists travelling at is dramatically dropping, as are fatalities and collisions.

    “We will continue to focus on road safety across the area with these types of operations to drive down road trauma even further.”

    Ldg Sen Const Rust said that all road users must keep motorcycle safety in the forefront of their minds, not just riders.

  5. There was no incident that's the evidence.
  6. Okay then using your argument lets put helmets and fully body armour on pedestrians.
  7. That's not evidence for anything
  8. A shitty place where this is the case is the slab just after the Old pac... there's even marks on the road saying 100 and they've just blacked over it and wrote 70. Not sure why you'd need to travel at such a slow pace on that part.
  9. From the same VicPolNews link: substantially more cagers pinged than bikes, yet we are still perceived as the problem?

    Operation Goad 2010

    Offence Motorcycles Cars Totals

    Dangerous driving 2 3 5

    Disqualified driving 4 8 12

    Unlicensed driving 40 19 59

    Unregistered driving 46 58 104

    Speeding 66 167 233

    Seatbelt/helmet 4 50 54

    Overtake unsafe 5 1 6

    Cross double lines 7 11 18

    Defect Notice 89 84 173

    Collision attended 6 17 23

    Impoundments 7 3 10
  10. It's naive to think the road safety industry will reverse a policy that hugely benefits them, simply because you give them a bit of evidence contrary to their rationalisations.

    There is only one message you need to send: "Keep doing this and we will vote you out." Simple.
  11. If an inexperienced driver was able to drive on the same road completely pissed without hitting anything then the BAC limit can also be increased.

    Increasing the BAC limit to 0.20 would significantly reduce the cost of taxis for people who like to drink.
  12. what a nosensical waste of electrons..

    I have never fallen over in the bath so little children should be allowed to take a bath without adult supervision.......
  13. While this is closer to being slightly rational, it's only raw numbers and therefore fails.
  14. looks like sir bleats a lot has completely lost the plot with this thread.
    You are becoming the harold scruby of whacky motorcyclists
    I dub you the anti-scruby, just as nutty but in complete opposition
    Do you own a fax machine?
  15. WTF?! This isn't a delayed April fools joke or something is it?

    The main street I travel on too and from work is 60, up to 70km at one point. You could easily do 100-120km+ on it no worries. That said, if someone had an accident there are residential buildings, schools, shops, motorists travelling in the opposite direction - should accident occur there would be absolutely chaos!

    Did you even think about what you said? There is no logic never mind common sense, to it what so ever.

    I ride to work every day with a helmet on and have done so for years so it must be safe to ride to work without the helmet then?!

    I don't think I've read anything so stupid or ridiculous for years.

  16. without defending this kid - that road's safe at speeds above 100kmh. Maximum posted speed has very little to do with safety and everything to do with blindly following rules.
  17. Just because it's possible to do more then 100km/h doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. I agree that it's a much faster road but again, that doesn't mean it's safe - it's 100km for a reason. Could you imagine if people were doing 200km/h up and down that road? I think we would see an accident every 5 minutes.
  18. I'm sure it is, but posting isolated incidents as somehow being "proof" is just idiotic.

    going down that line is just as dumb as the logic in the first post. It's 100 because a a stick stuck in the ground with a rectangle on top says 100, not for some apparent safety advantage.
  19. Would you still use that argument if the government drop the limit to 30km/h, surely that's safer than 100km/h. Vehicles are getting safer but speed limits are getting slower, work that out if you can.
  20. What other sort of numbers do you expect?