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Roads north of MEL and Yarra Ranges

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. We've got our annual overnight winter ride on next weekend. It's one of those rides that I organise in the middle of winter and we go regardless of the weather. Typically it's a short ride, but enough to get us away for the night.

    This year we're headed north of Melbourne and will be going via the usual routes around Reefton, Blackspur, etc.

    I've been reading stories of cop blitzes up that way. They still as active as I've been hearing?
  2. Nope, it has settled down a bit. You still see them up there from time to time,but nowhere near as bad as they were a month or so back..

    *NOTE* the speed limit HAS been dropped to 80ks on the black spur

    NOW the bigger concern at the moment, would be the embankments that are sliding on to the road (black spur), not to mention the amount of snow and black ice they are getting up there.
  3. I haven't seen a cop up here for weeks (but then, I'm always working and going through the Spur at silly hours of the morning/night :evil: ). It's been really cold and wet, so not too many bikes out...not worth the spending having cops up here for bugger all infringement opportunities :roll:
  4. Thanks Realm, Lil, for the feedback.

    Gotta check the map but I don't know if we'll be doing the Black Spur. We're heading to Whittlesea for lunch, then off to our destination via Kinglake, I think it is.
  5. With this particularly wintery weather that we're weathering, how are the roads up in the Yarra Ranges looking at the moment? Perhaps I'd better fit my anti-ice tyres for the ride. Been nasty around here today. Hopefully the weather will clear a bit by Saturday.
  6. I have ridden Victorian roads for 28 years and often wonder why these roads come up so often in ride suggestions.

    1) The Reefton is a silly road full of tree bark, dangerous 4X4's with trailers, pre pubescent bike riders, boat trailers, and some very pretty Police on unmarked bikes.

    Victoria is full of fantastic and safe roads bereft of predatory enforcement and silly riders (and NO I will NOT tell you where they are) but why this constant need to put yourselves in danger (and others) when by simply consulting a map and adding a few extra klicks to your trip you can have great fun, not get cleaned up by horse floats or 4X4's with bike trailers.

    A bit of planning, carry and wear the safe gear (including food and warm drink) you to can enjoy this great State safely.
  7. I was up the spur on Sunday - not a slice of bacon to be seen. Plenty of arseholes coming back from the snow though.
  8. Loz in my time on that part of Victoria, I have helped put at least 20 seriously injured or deceased riders in the appropriate vehicles.

    We will get together one day and I will show you the great roads.
  9. Heaps of great roads out there cookie99, to be sure.

    Heck, you don't even need to go that far. Still, with a sense of adventure and the willingness to do at least 350kms in a day, there are better roads to have fun on.

    Anyone who attends one of my semi-regular country jaunts will often find themselves lost in the middle of nowhere, winding roads in all directions, a grin wider than a dinner plate, and will arrive home tired but full of life.

    To be fair to mjt57 though, he lives in the Gippsland Valley. The Spurs would be something he's not all that familiar with, which is why he's asking.

    I'd also have to say that lately it's really just the die-hards that I see hanging around the Spurs nowadays whenever I get up there. The guys who live nearby and so it's their playground. They know the area, the dangers and so on. I'd definitely have to say that the Yarra Ranges are less crowded with "pre-pubescent racers" than even as little as 12 months ago.
  10. Thanks and good news, it has been a while since I last visited there but WP I may have a few hundred klicks over those roads on the weekend.

    Good to know that the idiots seem to be receding to other pastures.

  11. They're doing intermittent road works on the Black Spur, and recent heavy rainfall has washed dirt out onto the road in various places. The traffic is frequent enough to have dispersed most of it, but keep an eye out for excessively dirty patches.

    As you may already know, the Black Spur is now 80kph. If there's any police there on the day, they typically position themselves looking down any straight section where people may easily exceed 80kph after they exit a corner and before realising what speed they've gotten up to before backing off again. The cops that do the predatory enforcement up there don't care if it was accidental, momentary, or even in the act of overtaking. They're not the situational understanding kind. Have your fun in the corners, but if you come across any straight bit, be sure to peg off quickly. The cops hide in the bushes. They're fairly easy to spot if you know what you're looking for, but if you haven't seen them in action, they can catch you unaware.

    Have not heard of the camo-police up there in the last three months. The wet and cold seems to have kept them away, but to be fair, it seems to have also kept away most bike riders as well. Standing still in the bushes when its cold and wet only invites leeches to start dropping all over you too, so any activity seem to be limited to the on-road kind during winter.

    Reefton was pretty clear a few months ago. Not been on it for two months. DSE was clearing land with dozers a while back for firebreaks and fuel reduction in the area in the upper third section of the Spur, and this has allowed rainfalls to wash muddy slurries across the road in sections where the trees are no longer there to support the ground.

    As usual, watch out for wayward ski slope traffic in the area at this time of year.

    In general it's best to avoid the spurs completely on weekends. The whole area is a zoo on people's days off. If you're going riding on the weekends, best to plan a trip further afield.
  12. Thanks. That's why I asked. WHere we are going I'm not sure how to get to there other than via either Spur. In any case, it's a short overnighter for us, nor will we be in any hurry to get anywhere, unless the weather turns to crap. In which case I'll probably head for the pub and prop for the rest of the day/night.

    We'll see.

    Thanks for the notes re that area.
  13. [FLUX]

    Thanks for the heads up on the Black spur and Reefton I shall head south East of Melbourne instead this weekend on the FZ1 since the wife thinks the temperature will be too Artic for her.

    Cops in Camo, I was one of them back in 1970 back home but we were fighting an insurrection of our pathetic army and not booking bikers, more fun when you get to shoot your prey with .762's and not a Falcon Radar.

    The Spurs have taken their toll on motorists over the years so I guess some enforcement is needed periodically but does their job description include removing little nibbling leeches from their nether regions, now that is dedication.
  14. have you seen tomorrows forecast
    could snow up there.

    Forecast for Saturday

    Laverton: Min 2 Max 13 Yarra Glen: Min -3 Max 12
    Tullamarine: Min 1 Max 13 Mt Dandenong: Min -1 Max 8
    Watsonia: Min 1 Max 13 Scoresby: Min 1 Max 13
    Frankston: Min 3 Max 13 Geelong: Min 2 Max 13
  15. :rofl:
  16. Having spent some times there, mortuaries are colder, don't have good views, you don't meet nice folk and share a decent meal with them, they simply don't have as nice a smell and most importantly you have less of a chance to meet a lovely "live" young lady (some 40 years younger) and pretend you still "have it"

    So stuff it, go ride anyway, we only get one go at it so take it.

    One day you will be denied the chance to live life to the fullest and that day will be too late, as you lie in your bed and contemplate the awful facts you will wish for those cold, crisp beautiful days and your lovely bike.

    Every day I see the horrible denial of life in nursing homes, bugger the cold and the wet just live while you can.

    See you at Churchill for breakfast.
  17. 'Twas a sensational day up here today! Pity you poor buggers too soft to get out for a blat :wink:

    Myers Creek Rd is in good nick and the Toolangi State Forest an excellent detour (knobbies required :wink: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: )
  18. winter riding rocks!
    I still been going up the spurs once a week (sometimes twice if it's good) and during the winter, abosolute bliss. :grin:
    tuesday morning me and a mate had the black spur to ourselves, dry roads and counted 3 other riders in 4 hours. :shock:
    police blitz appears to be over. There seemed to be a period for a while where every ride thru there you would get pulled up 3 or 5 times in one day but not now. theres still a few police around but the harrasment has gone. If you behave yourself and attempt to stick to the speed limit you got nothing to worry about. :cool:
    that being said there is road works going on there at the moment and i have seen snow there a few times as well. Unfortunately the road workers were sealing road edges and not installing ripple strips and braking markers as rumours suggested.
    But if you can stomach the cold definately worth it. :grin:
  19. As someone suggested the Reefton Spur was patchy with snow and some slush on the road in spots. Otherwise just wet, friggin' cold and bark, some diesel/oil-like substance on the road in sections making for a decidedly unpleasant run down to Warburton from Buxton.

    Can anyone recommend a decent spot for a cuppa? There appeared to be bugger all spots open in Warburton. We ended up stopping at Yarra Junction for a leak and a cuppa near a Sunday market.

    I know that there is the Marysville Bakery and the Beechworth Bakery in Healesville but we didn't go that way.

    We had a good weekend, even though I (a) forgot my wet weather pants and (b) my newly upgraded Garmin Etrex GPS took me from Whittlesea into Melbourne in order for us to get to Yea via Broadford and Flowerdale...

    We sort of got the hint when at a set of triffic lights we saw trams with the destination signs saying "Docklands". Time to get out a real map and see where we cocked up.

    A quick blast down the Tulla Freeway then up the Hume to Kilmore saw us back on track, albeit 130km out of the way...

    Didn't see one occifer all weekend, either. I would have thought that the Hume would've been infested with them, particularly with the traffic doing around 96 klicks. Those P2P cameras have them bluffed, I reckon.

    But even at such low speeds drivers were still doing stupid things. Lane discipline means nothing to these people as long as they are doing under the limit then anything goes, as they're safe. Right?
  20. I reckon the point to point average speed part of those camera's is not working. Has anyone heard of anybody being booked for travelling between cameras at a greater average than the speed limit.

    I've spoken to many people who travel up and down the Hume almost daily and no one has seen or heard one ticket being issued.

    The Hume was probably the busiest I've seen it in years all the way to Benalla on Friday night with snow bunnies and not one revenue raiser in sight, and only one mentioned at Seymour on the CB (not there when I got there) on the run home last night.