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Roads for the bucket list

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Skid Mark, May 25, 2015.

  1. Has anyone here ridden the gillies range in Far North Queensland? What is everyone's favourite stretch?

  2. The Hana Highway (road to Hana) on Maui. Probably the worlds windiest road over distance. Its very narrow in places, and tour busses often hog more than their fair share, so being careful is a must, but its a great road, in a beautiful location.
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  3. Ones ticked off or ones yet to do?
    Rode the Gillies a few years ago on a rented S4 and I'd have no hesitation in adding it to the short list. Also loved Lake Plimsoll, Lake Leake, Bonang, Elliot Way...
    Most of my bucket list roads seem to be in NSW for some reason but there's a few OS that I will dream about - Transfagarasan, Furka, Stelvio, Deals Gap, Going To The Sun...
    I'm going to have shot at the Shafer Trail and maybe White Rim later this year :)
  4. If you're talking FNQ how about Cook Highway between Cairns and Pt Douglas?

    I personally like Waterfall Way near Dorrigo NSW and Granya Gap in Vic.
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  5. Cairns to Pt Douglas would be great if you could close the road. The tourist traffic is bad enough then you add it to the crap FNQ drivers, picturesque though.
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  6. OS I would love to do Oslo to Bergen via Flam. Some wicked mean roads over near Trondheim with tight tight hair pins down the side of the mountain. The Alsace region of France up through the Alps into Germany would be quite a nice ride as well.
    But won't be riding those. Have already driven them though.
    I'm with BrmmmBrmmm with Waterfall Way at Dorrigo so many nice rides up that way.
    I did enjoy my ride from Orange to Lake Cangellico though such diverse rural/remote scenery and not a bad ride. Was actually fun.
    I will be like a fat, old tom cat marking my way backwards and forwards on the Oxley in a few months time though! Wooooohooo :D
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  7. Among many overseas, California State Route 1 and on through Oregon and into the Pacific North West. Closer to home, the Strzelecki Track.
  8. The Isle of Man mountain section..
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  9. It would be fun if you could somehow distract the local constabulary.... They gaurd that stretch pretty fiercely
  10. Both. Ones you recommend and ones you are yet to try.
  11. Still haven't found anything like the gillies. Even when I plan on a sedate trip, the bottom section of hairpins are just too perfect for getting heat into everything. Can't help but having a bit of a crack after that. Too bad the limit has gone from 100 to 80 to 60 over the last few years. Lucky there is no way they can keep up;)
  12. Pl
    plus $1 oysters at Ellis beach on sundays
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    Things have changed. Apparently I overtook him at about $1.50 on the way to Mossman, so he tells me. He got the last laugh when he and the ambulance came visiting Yule point one night after the ZXR went bush (mangroves actually). Nothing like coming to with your helmet wedged between the rocks and the sound of the bike bouncing nearby.

    Used to do Cairns to PD about 4 times a week (26 mins from Craiglie to Smithfield), as well as the Gillies and all the other fun ones there. That was back in the late '80s so traffic was a lot lighter.

    The Khasab Coastal Rd in Oman is pretty damn good
  14. Missed that ? I'm going to be up there in a few weeks, have to check it out.
  15. Escaping the Southern winter Mr McsennaMcsenna ? :)
  16. Yeah mate, coupla weeks in FNQ to warm the cockles. Some in Pt Douglas, some in Palm Cove and the rest in Cairns so wife and daughter can buy up most of Cairns Central. It's a bi-annual thing we've been doing for 20 years.
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  17. Make sure you check out the Palmerston, Kurandah, Rex and last but not least the Gillies range.