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Roads Around the GOR

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by im.on.it, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm spending the Labour day weekend in Lorne with a few friends (non-riders) but thinking of venturing off on my own for a bit on the bike and exploring some roads. I have yet to go through the GOR - Haven't actually been past Werribee on the bike. Riding experience is about 7 months and done plenty of twisty roads.

    I'm looking for suggestions on roads to take and places to stop for fuel as I'll be riding alone. Ideally looking for day trips from Lorne and back (reckon I can make it to SA and back?). Also anyone else interested in riding through there during the weekend is welcome to join me. Not sure if there's any camping available with us as I'm not organizing the accom. We did try to book a site in AB but they was fully booked. PM me if you're interested for a day ride, or maybe a place to set up tent, etc. Maybe can squeeze in a couple.

  2. Plenty of roads down that way that are as good or better then the GOR. Specially if you want to stretch your throttle cable a bit -if you know what I mean :wink:
    From Lorne you can head up over the hill to Deans Marsh. Turn left at Deans Marsh & head towards Colac. Take the next turn left & this will take you through to Barwon downs. Well nearly -hang a left at the Tee & its only about 5 kms to Barwon Downs.
    Follow this through to Forrest & onto Skenes creek/Apollo bay. Unfortunately there are plenty of road works on this section at the moment. Oh -& while you are in Forrest check out the West Barwon dam, or lack of water in it anyway :)
    Or you can turn right at Forrest & head through to Colac. From Colac one can head on down to Lavers hill -plenty of nice long high speed sweepers on that bit, or turn right at Elyminite -not sure of the spelling, just on the outskirts of Colac, & do a bit of a detour through Carlisle river. Now that is a nice quick section or road that can be traversed at around about 2 1/2 times the open road limit as it turns to gravel at the end & I have yet to see an officer of the law along there yet :LOL:
    If you can handle 1km of gravel then follow it through to Simpson. Turn left & you can go nuts on some of the best high speed sweepers around. You know, redline in top gear sort of stuff :wink: I have seen the odd member of the constabulary along there though. You have been warned.
    This will bring you out on the GOR right beside the 12 apostles car park/visitor centre. Turn left & you will end up back at Lavers hill. Head on back to Apollo bay. The Cape Otway light house is supposed to be worth a look. Johanna beach is rated by the surfies too. The Otway treetop fly is also worth a gander.
    Oh -and fill up wherever you see a servo -specially if you are "stretching that throttle cable" :wink:
    That ought to keep you busy for a day anyway :)
  3. Awesome info Roarin, putting a little map together...
    redline in top gear for me is only about 170kph - not that i've found out on a public road ;)

    More interested in the windy stuff anyway... looks like heaps of that too.

    Cheers heaps!!
  4. I wouldn't be too worried about that. Thats plenty quick enough :) Thats sorta why my 750 is parked up & the baby 400 is getting its @rse caned off it :wink: Yep, plenty of twisties to be enjoyed amongst that lot.
  5. OK so something like this... starting at Lorne heading North to Deans Marsh


    I was just wondering if it's worthwhile doing the loop north from Fergusson to Carlisle River... Looks like a fair bit of straight sections. I'm thinking Fergusson to Carlisle River via Lavers Hill and then double back to Lavers and down toward Apollo Bay through the Otways... who knows I might be feeling adventurous...

    Again cheers heaps for the info. And yeah 160 through the open bits would be plenty enough... I presume... not that I'd aim to go that fast ;)

    Just had an idea :idea: in the meantime anyone like a printable pdf version of map PM me.
  6. Nee

    I was down in the otways 4 weeks ago and the road from Beech Forest heading West (known as Turtons Tk) was closed. It's currently a quite tightly curved dirt road and they're bitumening it. They're doing half this year and half next year. I'm not sure when it's due to reopen this year from the works.

  7. Thanks Stu,
    caught me just in time.
    looks like it will be the long way round.