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Roads and pubs in the Snowies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by old blue, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Hey people.

    In March '07 my mate is riding down from northern NSW, I'm riding across from South Oz, and we're meeting in the Snowies.

    Our intention is to get there quickly, then spend our days exploring the best available twisties at decent velocity, retiring to a good pub in the late afternoon to drink/eat/talk rubbish/drink/sleep, then repeat the process for a week.

    I understand the area is rife with good bike-friendly pubs and amazing roads. I'd appreciate any tips on either. Obviously, extra points will be awarded for any tips that take us from a breakfast point to a lunch pub via half a day's twisties, and thence from a lunch pub to a dinner pub via equally challenging roads.

    Bring on the local knowledge! Thanks in anticipation.


  2. Depends how many days you will be there and how many k's you want to do a day.
    You can do most stuff based out of Cooma as they do for the snowy ride.

    A group of mates just spent the week down there so I can get their report of what they did.
  3. Cheers jmuzz.

    We'll be there for 5 days, and the trip is all about riding, so no distractions of any type needed. Even taken at a leisurely pace with late starts and early finishes, that should give us plenty of potential for 3 hours of riding each morning and the same or a bit more in the afternoon.

    We're scratchers, so we'll be looking for twisties with great corners and surface rather than sightseeing or "touring" roads. Although of course there are plenty of roads that combine all of these attributes!

    Anything good enough...we'll turn around and have ago at it from the opposite direction.

    Now...roll on March!