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Roadkill embraces the inner-hipster

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 69SIM, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. The passing of Roadkill occurred today at Tractor 828. After being in the company of The Dirty BubbleThe Dirty Bubble, he/she/it got passed on to 69SIM69SIM and SibiSibi. Well the first thing that happened was the obligatory hand over shot (which I believe GeorgeOGeorgeO has).

    The obligatory RoadKill Tyre image:

    In his/her/it's little home away from home:

    With some Cherry Blossoms:

    There are some more images floating around, they'll appear here I am sure (GigittGigitt, DrSleepyDrSleepy).
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  2. looks like she's trying to escape the tankbag

    does Roadkill need a helmet or leather jacket? I imagine Roadkill would be ATGATT.
  3. Roadkill has a wild side. Do not let that exterior innocent look fool you.
  4. So roadkill got a closer look at XSR900.

    Rear end suspension look okay!


    And got stuck under the tank cover.

    image. image.
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  5. images-36.
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  6. Is he/she coming to Melbourne as well??
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  7. This forum really does need an "Eeew" button for when "Dislike" doesn't really do it.
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  8. ... Roadkill looks a teeny bit less water resistant than Stretch was.... Not sure you could really sign Roadkill either...

    Looks a bit like Rocky the flying Squirrel... Doesn't have a best mate who is a moose, does he? That could get a bit a bit ugly...
  9. Glad to see there are still people with a sense of humour :)
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  10. We take humour very seriously here...

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