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Roadcraft lesson to a tailgating rider.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, May 10, 2012.

  1. So I'm in the cage, it's dark, and I'm stopped at a large roundabout wanting to turn right. The road is a two lane each way main road. While waiting, traffic pulls behind me. It's kinda busy.

    I get a chance get into the roundabout and start my trip to turn right, but ahead I see an oncoming car coming at a high rate of knots and he doesn't look like he's going to stop, so I start to slow - we will collide if he goes through and I don't slow down. Meanwhile an impatient biker gets on my tail having joined from the adjoining road on the left... but he's focused on riding my arse and not the roundabout or the traffic coming to it.

    Now I'm just about 90degrees to the oncoming car and he's not really slowing to a stop, but more like slowing to drive through the roundabout, so I hit the skids... next thing I know the biker behind me is giving me a long burst on the horn, head shakes and a major serve with the death stare. lol (The oncoming car goes nose down in the last few metres, so I'm pretty sure he didn't see me till right at the end - so a righteous stop in my opinion.)

    To the rider behind me, dude, you were in the wrong. Take the lesson and move on. You should have had pretty clear vision of the car that wasn't looking like stopping and should have seen the conflict developing and backing the f'ck off. Pretty basic roadcraft mate.

    Hope you lived and LEARNED.


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  2. Some riders are just dicks towards cars & don't do our cause (tolerance & respect for other road users) any good.
    You were in the right as he didn't leave himself any room for an emergency. (ie. the car in front of him having to do an e-brake!)
  3. some riders just ride your tail, be it on a bike or on a car......................the way I look at it, if they want to pass they should pass quickly and cleanly, if not then leave room for that 1% emergency situations.
  4. Probably not, mate. Doesn't sound like a 'bigger picture' rider.

    Trusting you weren't too traumatised by the disapproving head shake and arm waving. It can be quite intimidating. (coff)
  5. He had enough time to stop and start honking the horn, probably wanted you to block the traffic entering the roundabout so he could take the tight line past you. You forgot you had a cage to protect you ;)
  6. Just another inconsiderate idiot most riders wouldnt do that its good to see both sides sometimes,i drive for a living and see 90% of riders doing the right thing everyday.Robslavv you are a rider and knowing what you know gives it more weight in his wrong doing.
    Like 2 days ago cruising to work 1pm along taylors rd keilor had a unregistered dirt bike behind me approach and then drop a wheelie past me for about 1/2 Ks wearing shorts and runners i could have choked him imagine what the cagers thought.
  7. Ive noticed cars and drivers are alot more aggresive and impaitient in victoria.
  8. They are more aggressive of late - especially as traffic volumes increase.

    On a funny note, I'm surprised some bright spark hasn't piped up to say, "Oy that was me!". lol
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    I'm keeping an eye on the near miss thread.... could be fun haha

  10. Before I pass comment, what sort of car where you driving.

    Actually, there's a far more important question, why were you driving a car?
  11. Sounds like someone is feeling a bit precious.

    Isn't the case that riders never do anything wrong....
  12. :p

    >90%+ of riders (in Vic at least) have a car.
  13. But that doesn't tell me WHY you were driving a car instead of riding your motorcycle.

    The reason for asking what sort of car you were driving, was because the rider could have been mesmorised by the awesomeness of it.

    But yes, I agree, tailgating is not a good thing.
  14. :rofl: Unlikely. Recent model Stationwagon commodore.

    Why I was in the car is irrelevant, but it's because the errands I had to run, it was the right vehicle.

    :) Yep.

    If he had a healthy disrespect for cagers and what cagers can do (apparently erratically like I must have seemed), then WTF was he tailgating a cager for?
  15. Only he can answer that question.

    (oh and the question about why you were driving not riding was not a serious one).

    In fact neither of my question were actually serious.
  16. I figured you were being a cheeky shit, hence the :p but figured there was no harm in answering.