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Roadcraft: Cornering school

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by edgelett, May 14, 2007.

  1. I think this topic belongs here, as it wasn't a 'track day' but a 'school day'

    Anyway, on the weekend Pagan (Tony), my BF, went to cornering school. i bought it for him as a birthday present.

    It's run by the Roadcratf guys in SA, and was awesome. Basicly, you head down to Adelaide International Raceway & spend the day in both theory & practical lessons on the track.

    He learnt a lot about cornering on the roads, in particular how you corner smoothly on corners you can't see around, which are abundant up through Chain of Ponds in Adelaide.

    On the track, esp towards the end of the day, he REALLY started to have fun.



    And what happens when you're on a track & can do speeds you get pulled over for on the road? you get a little bit of this:

    that's right: no chicken strips left! A great day, awesome learning experience, and a lot of fun at the same time.
  2. Its always good to improve on the riding skills and ability and know in yourself that you can achieve better results with practice.
    Good on him for getting out there, and good on you for giving him an awesome b/day present :cool: :biker:
  3. I still see a 1/2cm strip :grin:

    That's a great gift you gave your bf, very nice of you!

    I'd love to eventually do one of those courses!
  4. Pretty big strips.

    Good work on the course thing.
  5. I'd like fries with my chicken strips please. :)

    Awesome though, cant wait to do one of these courses, went to my first track day at eastern creek last weekend, gonna hit the Californian Superbike School soon. :)
  6. What a great gift and he'll benefit form it everytime he goes for a ride, unlike that gay looking shirt/tie/CD most guys get.

    IMO, one course is worth a whole summer of riding through the hills in terms of improving your riding skills, just as long as he remembers the differece between track and street.

    So naturally, he's shouting you to a course now??
  7. don't follow you mate - there are NO strips on his tyres anymore. the 'dusty' bit you see is just the dirt picked up on the road on the way home from the track.

    and yes I'll be going to the same course later this year
  8. Noice one Tony! Tash gets the "great missus" award. Chengaleng deserves one too, she got me a Phillip Island ride day...
  9. OOOOOOOOOOh now that's a cracking gift!
  10. Dropping hints early then Tash? Good to see, good to see... Hopefully Tony catches it!
  11. ..Thats not dirt...Anyway strips on the rear mean nothing, its the strips on the front that counts.
  12. And if you can't afford a whole day at the track, they do a shortened version!


  13. 1) yes it IS dirt, like I said I took the picture after we rode home from the track, he'd just gone through some dirt at the bottom of our driveway

    2) for fricks sake, can't you let a bloke be happy that he got his bike over the furthest he ever has in his life? jeez!
  14. Pfft no, I've gotta do the whole shut people down when they are on a high.