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Roadcraft Books: What have you read/would recommend?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Today I finally received a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook to Better Motorcycling [UK].

    I ordered this based on a recommendation from another Netrider, have only had time to quickly flip through it but it looks good, very very good. Tonight I'll kick back and and make a proper start on it amidst the surround sound of rain tap-dancing on my roof.

    But I was wondering what you have read and/or would recommend for books on Motorcycle Roadcraft so thought I'd try out a poll [edit: no poll, was too slow in adding it to the thread.]

    I've had a quick look through the forums here and dug up the following recommendations:

    • Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well by David L. Hough
    • More Proficient Motorcycling: Mastering the Ride by David L. Hough
    • Stayin' Safe: The Art and Science of Riding Really Well by Lawrence Grodsky and Peter Tamblyn
    • Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way
    • Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques by Lee Parks

    And here's some links to what others have said (incl. an exerpt) about these books here:

    British Guidelines for Filtering (exerpt from The Police Rider’s Handbook)

    Recommended Books on Riding Technique:

    Best Bike Book in the World:

    Books for Beginners:

    How to Learn to Ride: My Approach

    Most of these threads & recommendations are 2+ years old now and I thought there may be other books you know of, or that may have been published since then, that might be added to this list.

    I'd be interested to hear whether there are some that you found better and would recommend over others from the above list, whether you've read and would recommend all of them or even none of them (ie. prefer something not on the list).

    Also any comments you might have on the above, including whether you see the above being applicable to certain rider levels, eg. new/intermediate/advanced would be very much appreciated.

  2. I've got most of them.
    The Hough books are based on his magazine columns. They are very good but a bit disjointed and seem repetitive at times.
    The Grodsky book is also based on magazine articles, collected posthumously after he hit a deer and died. Its a better read than the Hough books but less detailed.
    Pridmore and Parks are more riding technique.
    Of the riding oriented books I prefer
    as its a bit more street oriented.
    Hope that helps.
  3. Can't comment on the others but if Motorcycle Roadcraft doesn't teach you at least one habit that will keep you alive, you probably shouldn't be riding a bike :grin:.

    The UK bike cops have, for very good reasons, been regarded as the premier example of top level road riding for many decades.
  4. Thanks Twistngo - yes, does help. (y)


    Thanks, Pat - true. This book's great, have been busy flitting through it, think I'll have made a very good start on it well before tonight! :grin:
  5. Isn't Twist of the Wrist a book as well?
  6. Hi Teodons,

    Yes, I believe it is - but I haven't read it and don't know whether it falls under Roadcraft or more specifically Rider Technique.

    I have the TOTW2 DVD and if this is in keeping with the books then I'd see it more as addressing specific rider technique - the cornering bible - with a slant towards track riding.

  7. Another to add to this list:

    - Sport Riding Techniques: How To Develop Real World Skills for Speed, Safety, and Confidence on the Street and Track by Nick Ienatsch

    Edit: just realised this was the one you'd linked to above Twistngo. :facepalm: Is great (thanks) & one I'll keep returning to.
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  9. Already got it, thanks RKO. :grin:
    And now (since starting this thread) I've also got a copy of the book ... which I'm about to get into.
  10. Every time I read TOTW2 i get something new out of it.

    I've been building up my library too - Studying the roadcraft manual at the moment. Pridmore is on the way. Also have Hough, Lee Parks, Cossalter, and a couple of others, including this very philosophical psychology of riding book that I haven't looked at yet... something about the unity of the top half of the bike or some such... more books than I have time to read...
  11. were's the best place to pick these up? I tried my local library, but they just stared at me blankly. Infact, that's the response I've got from most of the books I've requested. I'm starting to feel like it's the book shop sketch from Monty Python... Maybe I should ask them for "Ethel the Aardvark goes Quantity Surveying".

    EDIT: just did a search on the State Library of Victoria and Melbourne Library web sites for "Motorcycle Roadcraft" and both of them stared at me blankly also....
  12. probably ebay dude. buy your own copy coz you'll read them HEAPS
    and break the fingers of anyone deciding they wanna pinch it
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  14. Lee Parks is available at Hobson's Bay library. Last seeen at Altona North branch
  15. Booko.com.au. All you ever need to know for purchasing books.

    (I am not affiliated with the site)