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RoadBurner Exhaust for M50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Frost, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. I was thinking a set of these puppies for my M50

    Since the site is not working properly here is a link to a pic of them on a 109

    Matt Black Finish oh so nice :) with removable SLT (sound lowering things) :p
  2. they look good and would suit the black of the M50
    any idea of priceing?
  3. Mate, thats NOT a 109 :twisted:

    Nice pipes though...
  4. looks like an m109 with c109 light and the tacho removed...
  5. Rear exposed shock, Kwaka Mean Streak Rear fender / Tailight.

    Different engine covers / Clutch cover

    Different rear frame angle

    Front guard shorter / narrower

    Conventional Forks

    1 pce "Badlander" style seat

    Wrong wheels - Pic has 6 spoke alloys with straight 'spokes'

    If I had to guess, I'd say its a S90, same frame shared with Kawasaki
  6. hmmmm ,Nope .

    Its to black ,the reason I got the M50 because it had alot of black ,but I think its to much.
  7. You very obviously know your bikes, I bow to your wisdom. :)
  8. Cheers mate :grin:

    Also helps we have a M109R and M50 here :cool:

    And my mate rides an example of the bike pictured :LOL:
  9. Great looking pipes - I like the black with chrome highlights.

    Am starting to look at an M50 myself. Looks like a nice addition I will have to factor in. Let us know how much you can get them for.

    Backtracking the URL of that image takes me to http://www.cyclespot.com/page/C/CTGY/Road_Burner_Exhaust_Double_Eagles_Black_Hawk_SLT - lots of different bikes pictured.

    I leave it to those with keener eyes to decide which bike is in the OP if you want. Other than there is a M109, but no M/C50 pic.
  10. well i wrote an email to them over a week ago but havent got a reply yet about pricing and shipping to Tasmania.

    Lucky i didnt have them yet on the bike considering i got rear ended and the m50 is need of alot of parts including the exhaust.

    (wanna know the story look under the general forum for my topic)
  11. wrote an email to another supplier and waiting on reply. looks like these pipes are so hard to get that i will be the only one with them lol if i can get them that is :)
  12. Frost,
    just got a quote for those pipes from Metric Thunder (US outfit) for US$655 inc shipping & insurance. (Metric Thunder website)

    Let me know if you want the contact email of the specific person and I will pm it to you.

    Just found out the $655 is just for shipping & insurance :shock: , gotta add the pipes to that. Anybody comming back from the US with an empty suitcase??????
  13. Thats ridicules, what are they made of gold.
  14. They're too big and heavy for US Postal Service (near 40 lbs), so quoted via UPS (UPS=Unbelievable Pricing S...?)
  15. dgat thanks for the information, Bloody Hell that for posting damn

    I looked at the website and i cant see the ones i want :(