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roadbike boots that can be walked in

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by simonr23, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. i'm picking up my bike next week and the last thing to pay for now is some proper riding boots.

    my budget isn't huge, about 350 is my upper limit.

    what would be good boots to look at for road riding. i want ones that'll offer some ankle/foot protection, but not be to restrictive for gear changes and walking. on dirtbikes, i've always had an issue of not having alot of upwards movement in my left ankle (cant point toes up) and is worsened in riding boots.

    thanks for any pointers. i'll be buying from either honda world, or peter stevens in adelaide.
  2. A* SMX5 - I have the 4's and they are awesome, rrp is 399 but you could easily get them for 350 (I think I paid 320 from PS for mine a few years ago)
  3. Why??..does your bike break down alot??
  4. Puma, i love these boots, that will be 1 of my tax buys :)
  5. +1 I have the 4's and are nice and comfy for walking.
  6. but how long do the soles last?
  7. Soles on mine are in excellent condition - almost 3 years use, worn daily.

    I'm only getting new ones because mine were damaged in my last accident
  8. they sound good
  9. i wont be walking alot, but they'll need to help me not look too gumbyish walking to/from places.

    cheers for the suggestions. googling them now.
  10. my icon field armour are great (i have a pet hate of going with brand like A* etc, don't ask why)
    they're fairly stiff but not intolerable (barely worn in as yet) and cost under 200 posted from US
  11. ahh those are fantastic

    from memory bikebiz had a few in the 41-43 range and a couple 46+
    all at $350, and were happy to bring in a pair for me at 45

    OT though, they're probably horrible for walking
  12. i totally agree, mine are super comfy & have lasted really well - despite me wearing them for a few summer off road rides :oops: i lost a toe slider in a reserve near the macedon ranges but apart from that they are awesome

    in fact, when i have had a big night out in heels with blisters on my feet i often chose to wear the A*s in favour of runners, they are seriously that comfortable i can walk around the shops for hours and not be bothered.
  13. what are the Puma boots like after a big night out in heels?... goz?
  14. I got sick of wearing my proper a*s to work so I got a pair of those rjs boots that look like collarados or something. Obviously they won't offer anywhere near the protect of proper race boots but way better than sneakers
  15. BMW Motorrad Allround boots (y) I've had mine nearly 4 years, very comfortable both riding and walking, lots of features, and (remarkably for BMW!) not expensive =D>


  16. ???? do i wear heels at night do i?
  17. +1. I have the 4's, not the 5, and they are THE most comfortable bit of footwear I own apart from my runners.
  18. Thought you were a guy! Good for you.
    If you're a guy who wears heels...good for you!
  19. I bought a pair of these in '85..they have toured all over Australia..the soles are still in good nick,the leather upper is also in very good condition..but the upper now is coming adrift from the lower..it's only by contact glue and sheer will power that keeps them together ! Sure they are old school and basic by design...oh,they retail around 200 bucks.