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NSW Road Worthy Certificate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2013.

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    I'm in the process of selling my 2012 Cbr250R ABS on bikesales. There is a question in the form about RWCs.

    Silly question, but what is this? I thought this is a pink slip? But a 1 year old bike doesn't need one right?

    EDIT: This is in NSW btw. I understand they are compulsory in VIC

  2. No, doesn't need a pink slip until 5 years old.
  3. Yeah RWC are part of other states but because we have pink or blue slips - we don't have a RWC (even though, yes, a pink or blue slip is technically a RWC of sorts). Even then they aren't required when selling a vehicle because if it's registered it'll have already got a pink or blue slip. Also when selling an unregistered vehicle a pink or blue slip isn't required for the sale unlike other states (not that that applies in this case, but as an FYI).
  4. Cool thanks. So for my bike ad, where it says, "Includes RWC?" Would it be considered misleading if I said "yes"?

    Its not required and the bike is 1 yr old. But saying no, kind of puts a negative connotation?
  5. I think you may find that becuase you are selling it a RWC will be required to transfer the rego as opposed to renewing the rego.
  6. Incorrect.

    All you need to do is give the new owner the bike and the part of the rego papers for the sales transfer.

    Then you need to hand your notice of disposal in ASAP! This starts the new owners 2 weeks to transfer the rego over. And also means if he doesnt change the rego over, You have evidence of disposing of the bike and you wont cop his fines. This can be done online and takes 5 minutes.
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  7. ^^^^ Macca is correct.

    Chances are it'll be sold locally so it shouldn't be an issue anyway. Just get that NoD in asap. I think i got stung nearly $200 for not registering a bike within the 2 weeks, something like that from memory.
  8. Cool Cool! I was wondering how do I avoid getting fines and tolls after the bike is sold especially if the buyer hasn't transferred the rego
  9. hmm Ok, learn something new everyday. I honestly thought you had to get a roadworthy certificate to transfer the rego.
  10. They are not talking about Vic
  11. No, though you often see a vehicle for sale here in NSW with a pink slip which I think is our equivalent of your RWC. A lot of private buyers won't touch a vehicle, regardless of age or registration, unless you have a current pink slip (they're only good for a little while). As for "legally required", I don't know. Never looked into that part.
  12. Neither was I. Mind you I haven't bought a second hand vehicle in 11 years, and even then it was through a bike shop and they transferred the rego on my behalf.

    I just spoke to a mate in the car trade and he suggested that while it may not be legally required, it's not a bad idea to get a roadworthy done when buying a car/bike (before signing on the dotted line), particularly if it's a private sale.
  13. Thanks guys - So where do you go to get a pink slip for a bike?
  14. Most mechanics can do them - even ones that service just cars.
    You can search by postcode or suburb via the link at http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/safetycheck/index.html
    It's actually called a "Safety Check" now even though it might still be Pink and many still call it a Pink Slip.
  15. Great thanks NSSherlock
  16. Personally, I walk over to our workshop, see the Manager or Supervisor and say "When do you think you'll be able to do a pink slip on the bike for me".