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Road Winning Tyres

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Decade, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Heard they are not that good... but these came standard with my ninja250...

    should I put on some better tyres?

  2. smash up some pirelli diablo rosso mate!

  3. Don't go the pilot roads.

    Fark they let go aggressively.... :?

    They taught me how to fly. :LOL:
  4. and what will you do with your current tyres?

    just wait till you need to replace them, then buy something better
  5. Your putting out about 35hp :LOL:
    Use em up and dont stress. Go shopping when they wear out. :wink:
  6. :D Pilot roads gave me my first highside talk about inconsistancy when backing it in

    they also gave me my first lowside about 5 laps later lol :D

    30 odd hp out of the rip snorting 800cc monster was too much for them....and they are on my 100hp bike atm :LOL:
  7. on second thought if they are 110 and 160 i will remove and dispose of them for free
  8. I dint know they had "sports" in their design brief :LOL:
    They're on my bike ATM too and I love them as long as they have a chance to warm up.
  9. Both talk about the track? They're not for the track, fine for mid pace on the Road though.
  10. yeah yeah i know but i couldnt afford to have 2 sets of tyres....so i just got a 2nd track bike instead... :D

    like is said i have had one on my commuter for 8,000kms (2-3months) and its done ok i guess. but it looks like a set square now....it embarrassing.
    i think im gonna throw a shinko 005 on the back soon. should be more grip, less life but much cheaper....i dn if i want to try the 009 lol
  11. at least they are better than Dunlop Arrowmax's though.

    i was actually considering a Pilot Road 2. i like the idea of the dual compound design...but i think they are a bit pricey for me
  12. Mate the Road2 is again great on the road, but crap on track. A personal thing tyre preference, but have reports the 016 is a better choice in the same segment.
  13. Fair call they have served me well on the road but when i bought them I didn't expect to take the bike on the track and I definitely didn't think that I would have learned how to achieve knee dragging lean in their lifetimes.

    I seriously think i should have gone the powers and sacrificed the 3000 odd K's that the roads would have made up for on the road. Pricey lesson but that's life I suppose.

    I think you were actually there on the day that i came off. CBR 1000 with the nugget lookin sliders? I remember your riding, you've got bloody good form. It's a shame I took a slide, I learned alot on that day and having the bike off the road for so long has limited my ability to practice the skills. :cry: Just glad i got to come off in that fashion so i'll know what to avoid in the future.
  14. Hehe, yep I was there - remember talking about your tyres before we went out. Think it was the gas and not the lean that got you. The Roads just can't handle the heat of the track and start skating around. I think I have a couple of photos of your bike on the day - remind me and I'll check over the weekend.
  15. Yeh cheers for that, i'll send a PM this weekend.

    and i can't remember too clearly what happened but i'll give you the run down of that corner:

    Turn 12, going around as normal, noticed the girl on the flag had put up the checkered flag, she was definitely good looking. At this point I decided to keep it tight and straighten up in either the middle or left of the track (don't know why, i think i was considering taking it easy and not gunning it on the straight so i wanted to help anyone passing me by giving them a good line for turn 1 when they passed). Now this is where it gets a bit hazy, I'm not sure if I gassed it too much or took the left hand off the bar (i know dumb idea which is why i think it may have only crossed my mind) to give an acknowledgement of seeing the checkered flag. I can't actually remember if I was thinking this or if i tried it. So really i'm not sure which was the cause. It's unlikely i would have taken my hand off the bar but the memory of thinking it is sticking so i'm not sure.... I don't actually remember doing anything out of the ordinary... but i may have gassed it early... fark this is frustrating! :LOL:

    Either scenario is plausible and either leaves me thinking that i'm a dill. Whatever I did wrong, I was in a bad line and my head wasn't fully in the game. On different tyres i think they wouldn't have let go so violently and i might have been able to save it.

    Still, you can't sell experience and I got to enjoy the feeling of being catapulted into the air for a second so at least i got some fun out of my stupidity :wink:
  16. Can vouch for this! :(
  17. :shock: Looks like they've burned quite a few people!

    At least we all know what to avoid now! :grin: