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Road Warriors cafe may be closing.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Poppy, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Road Warriors cafe may be closing. I heard from another forum that Road Warriors has untill Xmas, maybe till new year at the place at most.
    Land along with buildings has been sold off, and new owner has doubled the Cafe's rent. (Apparently has a grudge against Max), Max cant afford that, so will be leaving at end of year.

  2. I heard rent had quadrupled and that it's definitely finished.
  3. whers is this cafe?
  4. What the-??? Which forum is this, Poppy? For all the OR regulars I hope this is not true. RW’s bacon and egg rolls are legendary, not to mention the numerous riders who congregate there each weekend…

    I’m heading up there tomorrow and I’ll have a chat with Max or at least the peeps that work there. How sad if it’s true.
  5. Sad? It's a run-down dump, should have been bulldozed years ago.
  6. ok, whoare you and what have you done with paul? :LOL:
  7. even given my location i never go there.. sad for some i guess.
  8. On some 60kmh road somewhere near where all the pooves live.
  9. ya wouldnt call it a cafe..

    define near Loz
  10. Haha not THAT near, you're safe! :LOL:
  11. Wow !
    Something Hornet and Jaqhamma agree on ! :eek:

  12. phew.. got a bit worried there as i was starting be attracted to hornet there for a while.
  13. Now now Paul, I feel the same way about most of your churches but let them be.
  14. I wasn't sure myself so googled and cane up with THIS

    *WARNING* Ill fitting Lycra
  15. bloody pinko palace
  16. Dear god...didn't notice the warning...!

    Given all the lairy looking lycra, Loz's description seems pretty accurate...
  17. and by the term 'near' im only one house off being one of these lycra people as my neighbour rides there
  18. :rofl: What was that someone on the "high moral ground" was saying about cyclists at Pie in the Sky?? :rofl:
  19. I'm gunna get me some of those pink and orange stripped duds for around the office.
  20. and for riding although they offer no traction to your seat and you keep mashing your nuts on the tank