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road trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yamahawk, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Headin off on a trip to victorian high county over the weekend. bairnsdale ,omeo, hotham, harrietville,bright, tolmie, mansfield, home.really lookin forward to it.hopefully good weather. vfr will be the choice of bike as it just eats up the km,s. just 2 of us goin and we are both on 95 vfr 750's. I have not really done a long ride like this and am a little concerned about fatigue. I beleive they are good roads but all cornering. Are there any points on this trip that could be of real concern to me. any advice would be appreciated.

  2. plan stops and drink heaps, we had 15 guys last weekend cover 1900km over three days over some of the best roads in NSW. pretty much incident free, a minor drop, not off just a drop and a siezed engine. dont flog the bike.

    on avergae we covered about 600 km over each of the three days. just dont get caught stopping and losing half hour each time you stop, just do what ya gotta do, and get going once ya freshend up, or b4 you know it your riding in the dark with a tinted visor and your still 30 min from port macquarie :(
  3. Your lucky day. Check out https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44596 and the post titled "things I learned".

    Painkillers, padding for your backside, earplugs and sunscreen/tinted visor are all important.
    I've also been told a cheap kidney belt can be helpful as well.
    Some sort of "cramp buster" that you attach to your throttle can be good too, though be very careful of bumping it.
    And wet weather gear you can rely on from top to bottom. Don't depend on a Dri-rider jacket to actually keep you dry.
    Stay hydrated and if you like carry an iPod or equivalent but make sure you have intra-canal earphones to block out the wind noise.
  4. Just get on and give it the berries! You'll have a blast, the Alpine Road is a corker and this is the perfect time of year.

    If you feel tired, rest. If you feel hungry, eat, and make sure you drink heaps of water.

    Oh, and this:

    is terrible advice. Flog those viffers to bits!
  5. TRIP

    Thanx lads for all that. pretty much what I had thought myself but if ya don't seek advice ya don't know if ya on the right track.
  6. Just don't run out of petrol, and the rest of it will be fine, you lucky buggers.
  7. imo do it the other way round....bright to omeo.....as the ride up hotham is a lot better as it's quite steep, which allows you to be on the gas all the way up..... in saying that the run up from omeo to hotham is just fantastic too, long up hill sweepers, followed by s it's just a dream road.......also what out for MIG corner if you are coming down into harrietville.....it's well sign posted and even referred to as the MIG (from memory)......and you will know it when you see it :shock:

    have a blast....i am soooo jealous...this is one of my favorite riding roads

    cheers stewy
  8. The road from whitfield to mansfield is great just watch it as there has been some road works there recently large square patches which last week had some gravel still hanging on them.The other place to watch for gravel on corners is the section with the power lines. :wink:
  9. u lucky buggers i wish i was going, there are some fantastic roads up there

    enjoy :grin:
  10. Hey bugeater, thanks for that link, as I'm heading off to do Vic country travels next week ....will be in Euroa on Tuesday (going skydiving! - it's my birthday!) then from there doing the Alpine Road and not coming home till Friday evening.

    No concrete plans as yet, just stop when we stop & resume when we're ready ...can't wait :)

  11. Taking spare parts with you ^ great idea! :grin:
  12. Hey Stewy, I think you mean The Meg, bloody corner scored me and my brother on the same weekend last year . We have been down that road heaps of times so can`t say we didn`t know about it, just buggered it up, no excuses.

    Enjoy the trip yamahawk but watch the roads between Whitfield-Tolmie-Mansfield. Good fun but the surface has become pretty rough in places lately. If you have time the road from Mansfield up to MT BUlla is a ripper too! You can turn around and come back down but that only doubles the fun! :grin:
  13. Ah yep Meg, :LOL: thats it ....yep claimed me too on my learner, dam ground clearance issues :oops:
  14. Only ground clearance issues I had on that corner was when my knee hit the ground, followed by my elbow, then shoulder, then head, then back ,and possibly repeat :facepalm: