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Road trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, May 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    by BF & I are going on our first road trip, riding from Adelaide to Naracoorte, then through to Kingston & back again.
    it's our first big bike trip, and yes I'm taking the Cibby. Will have a sore arse but wanted to do it myself!

    will post pics when we get back.
    please try to keep the shiny side up while I'm away guys! don't want to come back & read about accidents!
  2. Enjoy :!:

    Now watch out for the cops at Policemans Point and hope the wind and rain is kind to you. Last time I went through there (last year) we copped some huge gusts of wind and horizontal rainsqualls just out of Policemans Point. Put the hammer down to find some cover and went through not one but two speed traps. :shock: Just out of what they call town. To wet for them to bother getting out of their cars I suppose or maybe the rain interfered with their radar
  3. Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip. Come back safe :)
  4. Hope you bring your winter gear! It gets real cold down here this time of year! (We're forecast for 12 degree max on Saturday - Thats in Mount Gambier, but close enough!)
  5. make sure you have three things

    1. sheepskin cover
    2. throttle rocker (small piece of plastic that goes on throttle - NOT a cruise control)
    3. waterproof gear

    Have fun, road trips are good :)
  6. So you're not joining in the SAMRATS run to Mannum this Sunday?-- It's in the general direction and we'd give you a helluva send-off. (Can't guarantee tears) :grin:
  7. sorry resurrection,

    Just got back from our trip & my butt is too sore (from the SEAT you sick people!) & my legs/hands are too stiff to go tomorrow.

    watch this space for a report on our great trip in the next day or so, just need to relax tonight
  8. Just think, Tash, of all these rides, done NEXT year on the mighty Hornet :grin: