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Road Trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Charlie4, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just thought I'd put a rather general question out there and see what you guys are all about. I'm just getting into this whole bike scene and am interested in doing a road trip from somewhere to somewhere else...it doesn't really matter from, or where I go - I just had an erge the other day that a road on trip on bike would be great.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not riders arse-hole but the whole bike concept sounds good to me. You see I got back a year ago from touring around the States, Canada and Mexico for 18 months in a van and loved just being on the open road, so I feel it's a natural progression to want to do it on a bike back here in Oz and see some of our country.

    So my question is, What sort of bike should I start looking for? Now lets get a few things straight, I'm not a millionaire so I was thinking of something around $5000. I actually want some kind of an older bike that I can care for and nurse along the way, a reliable and strong bike. If someone has any ideas and would like to share them with me, I would be very greatful.

    Thanks for your time.

    Okay, well thanks for all your replys. So here's some more information.
    This is going to be an ongoing project and I don't plan to take off for about 18 months. This will give me time to save up, get my full licence and get the bike that is just right. Oh, and from Victoria.

    I'll be after an old reliable bike that is strong and powerful enough to carry quite a load. I was also thinking about something that could cope well in the outback.

    I would like to hear of peoples stories who have done this or something similar and the bike they did this on.

  2. Charlie - I guess an obvious first question is do you have a license? - cos if not you'll have restrictions on what you're legally permitted to ride for the first 12-15 months. A related question is what state are you in? - because there are different limitations from state to state.

    Which I suppose begs another question in the context of a road trip - what's the deal if somebody from (say) NSW rides a NSW LAM approved bike of over 260cc into Victoria?

  3. I would think its just as illegal as smoking chuff down here - doesnt matter if its legal in SA, its against the law here.

    Back in the day, my dad got done for riding (acidentally) over the NSW border, he had his NSW licence but was under the SA age limit for getting one, which aparently made his licence invalid there.
  4. Hey Charlie, and welcome.

    I reckon we need a bit more info before being able to suggest anything useful for you, but here's my recomendation from what I know so far....

    If you're lookin at road trippin, comfort has to be amongst your top priorities. Go for a walk down Elizabeth St and try them all on - spesh the cruisers :)
  5. charlie,

    or a sports tourer thats not to radicaal in it's seating... something that you can get parts for aroung easily if you are road tripping..

    but definately look at trying a walk anf sit along elizebeth st.

  6. If you're talking big kilometres and the ability to do a bit of off-roading.... It's gotta be a beemer mate. R1150GS. The choice of long haul tourers the world over.
  7. For a 250 sports tourer, the ZZR is the way to go. Can't say it's got the ability to go off road though.
  8. CB 250 or the CB 250 or you could go all out & get the CB 250! Mine did 6 day 3000km round trip to sydney & never missed a beat 1053km's in one day to Temora (NSW) & back & never missed a beat & my skinny behind didn't suffer a bit! 300k's to a tank & 40k's in reserve!