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Road trip, sydney, september or december

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by es, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. The road trip I went on last year was undeniably enjoyable, so much so im planning another one!
    Already got a couple of people interested, we do welcome further inquires; the more the merrier right ;)

    So who would be interested in hosting a few sprightly, good looking bikers for a few nights?
    We dont have a confirmed date as yet, but loosly planning for sometime between september 16 and 27th or else coming down in december over new year for the first & or second week of january.
    If we come in jan we may be driving. Currently january is looking more likely due strange weather in winter.

    (was not sure if this should go in general or in here.)
  2. Always welcome in the area eswen, asyou know

    I will have my hands well full in the latter part of September with my daughter's wedding being on the first weekend of October, but you'd still be most welcome.

    December may well be too hot and too many tourists on the road, if you want my advice.
  3. The weather is too unpredictable with this damm elnino, it could be just as bad in december as it is in september you never know.

    Plus at least in september you wouldn't be riding down in the scorching heat and then you can come on my (Still in planning) GOR beach ride in december :) .
  4. alway welcome here in shepparton if you want a place to sleep, just give me little bit of notice and be happy to arrange a warm bed and good meal!! :grin:
  5. Come visit the slug in his new place in Darwin :)
  6. I'll be doing a trip Melb. - Bris. and back along the coast in December sometime.maybe schedules will match for part of the trip
  7. Have decided on september AND december.
    Sept we are going to adelaide, december hoping to make both adelaide and sydney!

    Tossing up on an exact date for september. at the moment it is looking like september 17 (although there will be some crazy traffic due to first day of school holidays I am hoping to stick to less common route)

    have got a couple of pms from interested parties, anyone else up for it?
  8. Coming through Canberra?
  9. in january yes :)

    anyone in adelaide willing to put a couple of people up?
  10. I could be talked into Adelaide, but I tend to be flat out in Jan with riding, surfing trips, water skiing trips etc.
  11. That's also the weekend of the MotoGP, so you may be able to hook up with some other riders who may have come down for the racing. May mean that there will be increased police attention for bikers around that time as well.

    Have fun!
  12. hummm in that case maybe better to head out monday or tuesday?

    the trip will be for 8 days most likely.
  13. Hey Kraven

    Dude, Elnino is a 6 year cycle. We had it in 1998 and 2004..... What this is called "Ah Crap" :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Adelaide!!! Awwwwww!! :tantrum: I still really wanna do that trip!

    I'd love to join you... but I'll be doing the superbike school level 1 and track days in Sept.

    My trip to Adelaide was via the GOR with an overnight in Warnambool and then another overnight in Robe. Both very nice places to stop. Motel accom about $80 / night.

    The last leg from Robe was meant to be the most picturesque - up along the coorinyon [whatever it's called] then a left at wellington, through strathalbyn and up through the hills into adelaide. I so wanna do that!!!

    ...shall watch the evolution of your road trip with interest. :)

    Whatcha doin for luggage??


  15. haha @ luggage... last year only took the gear sac and my sleeping bag and that was plenty.

    can you pm me the entire route?
  16. Adelaide would be fun but don't think I could manage to sneak away for 8 days without someone noticing :). However if you decide to go the boring way through Ballarat (might be better than tackling the GOR first day of school holidays) then let me know - I might be able to join the ride as far as the first overnight stop. Assuming of course you're not planning on doing Melbourne-Adelaide in one hit.
  17. If you can work out how to strip the url from the nowhereroute planner map page, I'll map out the legs and forward you the urls that will bring up the various maps.

    This is the url to the planner...


    And it's also the url that stays in the address box no matter what trip you plan...
  18. yep we are doing a stop over for sure.... sort of thinkin g about going up the coast which would make it a 15 hour ride or something rediculous... 13.5hrs is my record :LOL:

    Rob, yeah thats the route planner i always use... and pretty much the way i was thinking of going, but thought a stop over in hamilton (i have a friend there who would put us up for the night) and maybe meninige?
  19. pfft south australia, home of the city of churches? :shock: why don't you go to tasmania and hit the boags and cascade breweries, that would be good fun. plus there are lots of nice roads so i hear.
  20. taz will be too cold and is too expensive. next year hopefully.