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Road trip in and around Mt Buller

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Union8, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. I am looking at doing a road trip around mt Buller and fall creek during the Melbourne cup weekend and I wanted to know if anybody has any experience on the type of weather in the mountain during that time year and the state of the road at the top. Thanks

  2. Should be OK, if you are intending to continue from Falls Creek on the Bogong High Plains road it can sometimes still be closed late in the season. Buller is much lower sol should be open.
  3. Thanks cjvtr looking forward to this epic ride
  4. Roads should be fine by then. There could be some snow at certain places loke cjvfr said.
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  5. Yeah roads should be fine by then. Might be the odd bit of snow on the peaks, but nothing to worry about on the bike. Falls creek road is truly brilliant, just watch the tar snakes (mainly going up) as it can be pretty unnerving if your tyre hits one while your lent over.
  6. If traveling Bogong High Plains road leave time to stop at Wallace's and Cope huts, great bit of mountain history, skied up their many times. Also be prepared for cold weather, it can close in very quickly any time of the year. Was 4wd at Mt. Hotham last year when some riders came up from Ensay, 24° when they left, -3° and snow when they reached the top, some of them only in mesh jackets, we warmed them up and sent them back to Omeo, this was in March so be prepared for anything.
  7. Thanks for all the advice I am really looking forward to this 2 day road trip roll on Melbourne cup weekend
  8. Jealous! One for the "must do" list. If the avatar relates to the bike, give your shadow a little time to catch up - photos please!
  9. You are welcome to joint us. As for the avatar yes it does relate to my S1000rr it's just awesome.
  10. There won't be any snow anywhere in November. It will be 20-25degrees up there.
    Only a freak weather pattern will bring snow at that time of year.
  11. Good to know
  12. I will add, becareful of loose stones/gravel that they sprinkle on the roads during the snow season. There will probably be some sections where this and gravel/dirt wash from where melting snow flowed.