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road trip from perth to melbourne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by reverend, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Hi folks

    Planning to ride my vulcan 1600 with trailer over to melbourne in October. Anyone done this trip and has some thoughts as to what is the best, quickest or most scenic route.
    In no hurry, staying in melbourne for 4 days and then returning. :oops:

    Am expecting to do this in about 5 days and am planning on a sore rearend.

    Any commenys would be helpful
  2. Im riding from melbourne to perth on saturday reverand so I will let you know the story
  3. I went from Melbourne to Perth in 2000,from your end,I would head sth down coast,I was in Bunbury last week for work and the further south you go around there prettier it gets,can recommend Margeret river obviously,thru Pemberton and all the forests around there is beautiful,from there just keep heading east to say Albany and Esperance is magic must see,from there you pretty much got to head north to Norseman,thats basically the end or start of Nullabour,if you keep heading nth from that turn off,you will get to Kalgoorlie.
    Across the Nullabour aint f*ggall-take music and a cruise control device if you can.
    Yallata,s bout half way across,you can go see the whales that come up from Antartica and hang out below the cliffs to give birth to their calves,MUST SEE! :woot: blew me totally away!!!Highlight of the trip :dance: ,blew me away,was about same time of year to and there was like 80 whales.
    Just keep heading east from there,if you get wet,and theres all this blue stuff around you,you know youve gone too far.

    Oh yeah,if your tyres are 3/4 to half way tread-GOOD!,dont change them,they will have a flat spot on them by the time you get here,watch out for camels and emu,s,make sure you got juice aplenty,second longest straigest stretch of road in the world,got a road sign to prove it,140-150 sumtin kms,I forget,the ride was that bloody boring,and everybody waves,coz you only see a car every 2 hours. =;
  4. There's not much choice. From Norseman to Ceduna you've got a choice of one sealed road. After you go through Port Augusta turn off to Wilmington, from there you can basically make it most of the way to Melbourne by keeping off the major highways and following less travelled roads which are by far more interesting than anything else you'll have seen in the previous few days. You can get a rather good map of Victoria from Vicroads send an email to bookshop@roads.vic.gov.au and ask them to send you a copy of "The Drivers' Guide to Rural Victoria. It used to be free. i presume it still is.

    I've only ever done the trip in a car and at the same time of year Sep/Oct. Good time of year to do it weatherwise. Don't be fooled by the dots on the map across central Australia which look like towns. In most cases they're nothing more than a petrol station/roadhouse with a couple of motel units and a few powered caravan sites out the back. As you have a trailer you might find it wise to throw a small tent in it just in case. I don't know what the fuel range on the Val is but I think the longest stretch between fuel is 220km. A fierce headwind out there could severely cut your range so you should probably find the space to squeeze a 5lt plastic fuel container in the trailer too.