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Road Trip (Adel) to (Mel)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Hey all, im planning to do a trip from adelaide to melbourne end of the year and wondering if any other SA riders had a similar idea.

    Ive never done it before and am not sure if its the sort of ride to do by yourself the first time or not. Also, does anyone know of any maps or diaries or anything made by bikers about this particular trip.

    Please, any input would be had.

    -Owen :grin:
  2. Hey bro look up the recent trip Eswen, Gowron, Carver and I did up to Adelaide, it mentions the way we went up and back. It's all pretty boring on your side of the border, but in Vic you've got the Ocean road and Hall's Gap to entertain yourself with.

    Here it is:

    There's full info about the route, as well as extremely verbose tales of the trip to get you warmed up for the ride.

    Gimme a shout if you need a bed while you're in town.
  3. Dont forget the Australian Motrocyclist atlas, its got it all covered.

    Have a blast, I am planning the trip from Sydney to Perth next year solo, hope to meet a few riders along the way. Actually looking forward to the freedom of doing what I want when I want and not having to please anyone but

    You can also buy intineries to help with your planning of accomodation and the best routes (=twisties) etc.. from sites such as bikeroundoz

    Good Luck and I will be looking for you write up on the trip after the fact.

  4. Thanks for the replies people. Im starting to get excited. Is it the sort of trip thats ok to do solo?
  5. Ah hehe, after meeting the Victorian's at my first coffee night in Adelaide, my mind has been pondering, the freedom of the open road and that perhaps we should pay the Vic's a visit... sadly however, I doubt the LTD'd make it :(
  6. again, it depends
    I've driven to melbourne by myself several times, going the quick way
    I wouldn't drive alone going the long way

    If you're an inexperienced rider you should probably go with a couple of good friends

    If you prefer to ride alone, do it alone, if you think you're experienced enough to handle it.
  7. hows the planning going??? have you set a date yet? let me know if you need somewhere to crash while you are down here, ill set you up with someone.

    not like that :p
  8. "Someone" Eswen? :wink:

    Not set date yet, depends on work, prob around new years though.
  9. I have done the trip via Ocean Rd before and loved it!
    I would love to join you and do the trip again. However I have work and family coming over from England.

    I did the trip solo after lesds than 4 months of riding (excluding the time when I was bikless). Here are my tips:

    Get some medium (day) trips in first. (400km-600km)
    Make sure you drink lots of water, eat lots of food and get as much sleep as possible.

    Stop and rest when you feel fatigue setting in!
    Food, water and obviously sleep make a big difference to fatigue!

    Pack a puncture kit, basic tools and then only what you realy need (leave the laptop, psp, dancing shoes at home!)

    Take it slow and enjoy it!!!

    PS. I spent the night in port fairy, rode around and found a camping ground that would let me spend the night in my swag for $10. ;)

    PS.S. Check out my sig 4 fotos of the trip ;)