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road-trail or scooter for commute

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wrxbox, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. I’m selling my bike to get a little extra cash to go towards home renovations.

    The replacement will either be a Scooter (looking most likely) or a road trail. The main reason for my size choice (200cc) is to keep purchase and running costs down, fuel, rego, insurance. I know that maintenance will be cheaper with the scooter.

    The likely choices are: Scooter; Aprilia Scarabeo 200 and the road trail; Zongshen LZX200GY-2.

    I’m just not sure I like the idea of riding a scooter but it would be more practical.

    I know it would be a gamble with the Zongshen LZX200GY-2, being a Chinese bike and not know any history on the make. Resale value will also be very poor.

    I can do all maintenance myself, but can’t really afford the time to do it.

    My main question is what would be better in traffic a road trail or scooter. What would be better for me? I travel from Melton to the City each day 50kms each way.
  2. Road trail is the go, xr600 or similar would be ideal riding 100km a day.

    Plus the roadtrail is great fun in rain , especially in the mud, and will be easier to sell as well.

  3. The 600 doesn't help with rego costs though.

    I don't know anything about scooters, so wouldn't pick between the two.
  4. Have you thought of getting a commuter-specific bike. Something like a Yamaha Scorpio, Honda CBR125 etc. Cheap to run and cheap overall costs.
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    My GOD .. what in the world has happened to PRIORITIES these days????
  6. second hand yammy ttr 250. Problem solved. Dont touch the zongshen. If it was a choice between those two, the aprilia scooter, might be a bit more reliable.
  7. I sold my Virago XV250 & bought a Suzuki GS500 at a li'll more than 1/2 the proceeds of sale. I commute 60ks round-trip daily to CBD on the Eastern Freeway.

    Before I returned to biking with the Virago, I even considered a Madass 125.

    Really, what I'm saying is, you do 50ks round-trip everyday, a scooter is not the ideal bike. But if you're deciding between a (Jap/Euro/Taiwan)scooter and a "Zongshen", unless you're getting the latter at really silly proces (a similar under 500km one was selling on ebat for $1.6k), I just wouldn't touch them.
  8. Another vote for a 2nd hand jap road trail. A ttr250 would be ideal as would any of the other similar options out there (klx, xr drz)

    Personally wouldn't touch the zongshen
  9. Trailie is my opinion too, but something with a low strung engine, like a KLR etc. Throw some proper road tyres on it, and a big front brake kit if available.
    Some of the "road" trail bikes are pretty close to teh edge of reliability long term.

    Regards, Andrew.