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Road Toll Chief Traffic Cops blames motorcycles on 3AW today

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Mitchell has finally decided to address the Vic Road Toll today - despite the fact that car driver fatals have been up by near 25% for months now and motorcycle fatals are down 9% as at today.

    What made my blood boil this morning is the fact that in Mitchell's interview with the top Traffic Cop - the cop spent over 50% of the interview talking about the danger of riding motorcycles.....

    Yes, that tells us something - the Police Focus is clearly on blaming motorcycle riders for the increase in the toll. IMHO they could learn some lessons from looking at what motorcycle riders are doing right - which could be applied to car drivers.
  2. Call him up John. Set the record straight.
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  3. So? You don't think its important, I assume? The fact that the cops have motorcycle riders in their sights.....

    I'm just reporting what I heard - I'm not allowed to call AW. Or haven't you heard about my Netrider ban](*,)
  4. what a toss pot...

    i havent examined the numbers as they seem irrelevent in the policy decisions, but are you saying the toll for riders is down in total numbers despite more rego's? or as a function of the number of bikes increasing?

    when the toll goes up they should cop the blame, they claim the credit when it goes down... despite any other factor affecting it.

    and ditto. they should look at WHY we crash less... perhaps our preference for breaking certain rules to keep ourselves safe shouldn't be portrayed as a bad thing so often.

    edit: to clarify "crash less" i mean why the bike toll continues to drop despite car users going up or remaining largely steady.
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  5. I hope the "toss pot" you are referring to is the Top Traffic Cop.

    The toll for all motorcycle riders fatals this year is down by 9% compared to last year.

    Cops seems to be hung up on the fact that its the start of the the riding season and riders are their supposed headache. Seems like they have taken their eyes of the real source of the problem - ie the 90% of all road users group.

    Just my observation - if we don't think there is anything in it, then I'll expect to see this thread degenerate to name calling soon:angel:

    Time to stop the massive focus on Enforcement and tackle the problem some other way. But, haven't we all been saying that for a long time already?
  6. Have to disagree here, because that validates their assumed primary role. As long as we allow the argument to circle around enforcement they will control the commentary.

    Road safety will not move on as long as VP command keep short-circuiting alternative strategies to increasing enforcement. They should not be so much blamed as simply shown to be irrelevant to the solutions.

    Ideally, that would be achieved by starting our own discussion in the media, based on positive policy initiatives.

    Other than that, I agree.
  7. none other.
    the end
  9. That's twice in as many weeks the perpetual lies by the safetycrats will go unanswered
  10. Someone trained to answer them should have a crack by all means.
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  11. But not on 3AW . Both Mitchell and VP command hate riders and WILL NOT let anyone get a decent reply in. If it's going to be answered (and it needs to be), it needs to be somewhere else where they can't control the mixing desk.
  12. Who is there challenging them?
  13. So how's that media liaison officer coming along?

    Seriously though, its Neil Mitchell. Who cares. This happens every year and always will.
  14. So who listens to wankers like Mitchell and Alan Jones.These people are entertainers and not worthwhile media commentators.
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  15. the rest of the media listen to them and report on what they're dribbling... sadly.

    it would be nice to be on top of things though... getting a response out to all these bullshit stories. the problem is they're taking our tax dollars to pay for making it all up and we dont have anyone being paid to point out the flaws....
  16. I suspect that Mitchell was talking in short-hand. I suspect that VicPol's stance is probably (my wording):

    "Rider fatalities increase as the weather heats up, when fair weather riders bring out their bikes after staring them for the winter. They then jump on and head for the hills without doing any prior practice of their skills, only to get themselves into trouble. While rider fatalities are currently down by 9%, they will rise with the temperature leading into summer, and they'll be over last year's toll unless we do something about it."

    I can see the strategic intent of what he was saying, but he didn't say the reason, adding to the distrust that we already have for VicPol. However, I have to admit that I've made a big fat assumption in all of this, and my assumption might not be correct...

    Now, in saying all of this, VicPol's enforcement strategy is an utter failure to address the true cause of the fair weather rider death toll!
  17. No one should cop the blame (or claim credit) for what is just statistical variance.
  18. Well in Melbourne 3AW has the highest rating of radio stations, hence a massive percentage approximately 15-18% according to Nielson.

    So before dismissing the likes of Neil Mitchell, they have a huge listener audience, I would also suggest their listener group would all be of voting age unlike typical FM stations.

    As much as we'd like to dismiss shock jocks like Mitchel/Jones, they carry some serious weight and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Unfortunately they have divided and all but conquered the motoring groups. For as long as there are separate riding groups voicing their own opinions and agendas, nothing constructive will happen.
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  19. No, Mitchell didn't raise it or initiate the discussion - the cop was the one who introduced motorcycles into the interview. I don't even think that Mitchell was even going there.

    If the cops are willing to re-gurgitate this on 3AW, they will be also doing it on all other media.

    Just because I heard it on AW this morning, doesn't mean that the cops won't be saying it on other media. They have an agenda and we are their primary target.....

    If I thought it was only coming from Mitchell - then I wouldn't be that concerned - but it is not coming from him - it is coming out of the mouth of the Top Traffic Cop in Victoria. Take your focus off 3AW guys - otherwise you may miss the significance of what is happening here....
  20. Is there a podcast or a transcript somewhere?