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Road to rudeness

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by midnight, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. MELBOURNE is the capital of the loud car stereo, according to a national survey of bad driver habits.

    Almost 20 per cent of drivers play their car stereo loud enough for other drivers to hear it -- twice the national average.

    As well as annoying other motorists, the distraction caused by "doof-doof " drivers put themselves and others at risk, insurers AAMI found.

    Melbourne drivers also topped the list for misusing emergency lanes.

    Seven in 10 motorists had seen others using freeway emergency lanes to avoid traffic jams, the highest rate in the nation.

    The AAMI survey revealed attitudes that flew in the face of Australia's "fair go" culture.

    AAMI spokesman Geoff Hughes said many Australians were ill-mannered and self-centred behind the wheel.

    One in five admits to refusing to let in other motorists trying to enter their lane.

    The survey of 2400 drivers also showed:

    ALMOST 70 per cent have had their car damaged while it was parked, and in almost every case the culprit did not leave contact details.

    THREE out of four have seen disabled car parks used by drivers without permits.

    MORE than half have had a car space they were waiting for pinched by an another driver.

    JUST as many get annoyed when their courtesy to another driver goes unacknowledged.

    ABOUT 8 per cent said that using parent-only car parks at shopping centres without children was OK.

    Balwyn motorist Kate Crone, 21, was not surprised by the findings, having crossed paths with several selfish and aggressive drivers.

    "I've actually had two different people on two different occasions run into my car and break the mirror and not leave any details," Ms Crone said.

    "It's probably going to cost me $300 to fix. It's pretty rude."

    Ms Crone, who drives a 1990 Holden Barina, feels she is singled out by aggressive motorists.

    "Guys, especially, can't stand to be behind me," she said. "You get people beeping at you, the finger, shaking their head, and yelling out the window."

    Ms Crone once reversed out of her driveway, forcing an approaching car to slow down.

    "And they followed me down to the next intersection, hand held on the horn the whole time, lights flashing," she said.

    On another occasion, she was patiently waiting for a car park when a young man turned up at the last minute.

    "He just pulled in, laughing," she said.

    And a bit more courtesy on the roads would go a long way, she added.

    "When you do something nice for someone and they don't thank you, that's really annoying. I would expect a wave or a smile," Ms Crone said.
  2. That'd be when she's not budging from the right hand lane of a freeway at 10 km/h below the posted limit, right? :roll:
  3. The same thought i had Gromit reading that bit .
  4. Mabye because she failed to give way, forcing the other drive to brake hard, skid and barley manage to avoid slamming into her.

    But she doesn't feel that's being passive aggressive? Thankyou so very much for going out of you way and normal range of behaviour for letting me merge safely rather than being a total biatch. :p
  5. It does annoy me if, when I'm driving along a side street with parked cars on my side, I stop to let an oncoming car come through a narrow gap and the rude bastard doesn't bother to wave thanks!

    If I'd known they were such an ill-mannered lout, I wouldn't have stopped for them in the first place!
  6. The same survey also showed, BIG SURPRISE HERE, that Sydney drivers were the rudest drivers in Australia.
  7. What a wanker survey. The silly bint sounds like she probably causes people to have a go at her. Here's a tip - Don't reverse your bloody shit box into oncoming traffic! I farken hate that, talk about showing no bloody courtesy to people ALREADY using the road.
  8. Funny how when they do surveys like this most people will agree that there are too many bad drivers on the roads but very few, if any, will ever admit to being one of them.
  9. "I Admit" I have abused other drivers on occasion, (most of the time in the privacy of my own helmet) and I have been tailgated, cut in on, etc etc. When I was younger I was a very aggressive driver.

    5 1/2 years in the RAAF Police and now service with the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service. I have become very very mellow. I have seen enough bad things to go out of my way to (hopefully) ensure I don't become involved in any "bad things"

    Ride / drive defensively = more chance of getting where you're going.

    Come on who's going to admit to being naughty!!!

    I drove into a "no entry" laneway on Monday night. I'm sorry.

    Have a great day (I'm on Lunch)

    AKA Andrew
  10. I got so annoyed at the lack of courtesy that I now refuse to let anybody through, I barge my way through. I wave of course to thank them for being so thoughtful :LOL: :p