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Road to Race tyres?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hgsuzuki, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Hey, im currently running a Michelin CT2 on the rear and a Pilot Power on the front. I have done a few track days, and am now looking to race my bike which is a gsxr750.
    I would like to add this bike is completly standard at the moment, and next phillip island day (18th Jan if anyone else may be there), I am looking at getting the suspension setup for my weight and see what other changes need to be made.

    My question is, what is a similar feeling race tyre to what I am running at the moment? I love the way these feel and I have lots of confidence in them, but they seem to go off and lose grip, especially the rear after say 10 minutes of a 15 minute or so session. I know pressures play a great deal, but this seems to be fairly consistent whilst adjusting in between cold tempreture 26psi (low) to 34psi (too high im told for road tyres on track).
  2. Stay with what you are used to.,Once you get the Suspension working, those tyres will get it easier.
  3. if you are going to race it, you need to know what (if any) control tyres are used in the class you choose. if there is a control tyre, you should get onto them ASAP. if you can choose whatever, stick with what you know, as it's one less variable you need to think about.

    secondly, once the tyre has been chosen (by you, or the rule book), get some warmers and get out to the track days and practice on them. tyre pressures will be determined by your riding style, the tyre chosen, and the set up.

    FWIW, i run Dunlop Sportmaxx GP Racer 209's (Formula Xtreme, superstock 1000, control tyre), M compound front, E compound rear. Warmers are 75-80degC. I dont set "cold" pressures, i set my pressures "off the warmers" at 32psi front, 29psi rear. this works for me. i've not had any grip issues with these in the dry. these tyres will do 1min38's on a superstock 1000 bike with a good rider, and after 3 or so heat cycles, they'll drop off to 1min43's or so, from what i'm told... i dont ride at this pace!

    good luck with it.
  4. What do you mean by suspension set up for your weight ???
    Are you over 80kg ? Respring, shimms ???
    Or do you mean your rider/static sag ??? If so hasn't that been covered yet ?
    The way a bike handles is a very personal thing. And takes a lot of time to get your perfect compromise. As in getting it to turn and getting the power down. If your not A grade then you would be better setting it at getting the power down as you wont be pushing the front to the limits in a corner.
    It's not like you can take your bike in and the guy waves his magic wand over it and there you go. It will take time and good comunication between you and the suspension guy to get it right. Gleen as much information as you can from him as you go.
  5. By suspension setup, i just mean some adjustments, any.

    I haven't changed a single thing and frankly dont know where to start because I haven't yet learned to interpret how a change would feel,
    as in a few clicks in either direction will do what exactly...?

    I know that suspension setup will change from track to track if your half serious, but i need to have a base setup, a good starting point.

    Also i dont need race tyres yet, but it was something i was thinking about, if rules permit me to use whatever, then i would want to go with
    something similar to what i know.

    any and all replies appreciated.
  6. I've never had Michelins on my bike so I can't say.

    But if you're bike is going to be a dedicated track bike that you'll trailer to and from the track, then getting a similar feel to what you've got now isn't really important - finding the tyres that work best for you will be.

    Most club racing won't have a control tyre so you're free to find the tyre that suits you best, I use Bridgestones - either slicks or cut slicks 003s, but that's personal preference and also because they are there on track to change them when I need it.

    Dunlop seems to be the most common control tyre for a couple national race series this year - look up ASBK or Formula Xtreme for details. But keep in mind that a control tyre isn't necessarily indicative of better grip or longer life.

    Get your suspension sorted and talk to a Dunlop or Bridgestone distributor as these two brand are the ones most likely to have tyre changing facilities at race meetings - no point running Michelins if they will not support your track efforts.

    Good luck
  7. There is a guy (Stuart) who runs a service at PI ride days called SW Racing setting up suspension, for $74 fee. He will set the static and rider sag according to your weight and also give you personalised tuning of the set up through the day. It is well worth the cost, I have had this done to both my bikes for the track. You can do all this yourself but if (like me) you don't know a lot about suspension and don't have all the right tools it is a great way to go. He knows a lot about tyre set up/pressures etc as well, having been involved at ASBK level for a while. I think he works on Wayne Maxwell's crew.
  8. michelin have just released a new breed of tyre that is replacing their "pilot race" tyre, it's called a "power one" might be worth having a look at.