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Road testing new Penrite motorcyle oil

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Ampto, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. So Penrite have recently released their own range of motorcycle oil, some of you may have already seen it hit the selves and it finally appeared in my local autobahn.

    Penrite motorcycle-oils

    The VTR1000 had Motul 3100 filled at its last service (30k service by previous owner). I was very unhappy with how i was riding thinking it was my technique or a mechanical problem of some sorts.
    The problems were
    • 1st and 2nd gear were very "grabby and clunky"
    • gears require some effort to change
    • phantom neutrals
    • Neutral hard to find
    • clutch wasn't engaging smoothly
    • engine noticeably nosier as temp gauge approached 100C

    After 2500km on the motul shit i decided today to change the oil. After reading lots about riders using gas and diesel oils i was going to give HPRGAS 10 a go but saw Penrite's new MC-4ST 10-50w oil on the shelf. At $36 i thought why not.


    Industry Specifications
    API CH-4/SL

    Typical Data
    Density at 15oC, kg/L 0.867
    Viscosity, Kinematic, cSt
    at 40oC 130
    at 100oC 19.1
    Viscosity Index 167
    Cold Cranking Viscosity, cP at -25oC 5,074
    Zinc, Mass % 0.122
    Phosphorus, Mass % 0.110
    Sulphated Ash, mass % 1.22
    Base Number, mass % 9.4

    There is very little difference between HPRGAS 10 and MC-4ST spec wise, but has apparently been engineered directly for motorcycles

    On the ride home, improvements all round, shifting is firm and smooth, 1st and 2nd are still a bit loud when shifting but no longer need as much effort. Clutch is a dream, and here i was thinking it was my technique! So far i haven't found phantom neutral shifting into 2nd and much easy to find when stationary but more riding will tell. Sitting at 94C in the carport the engine was nice and quite, well for a VTR :p

    I'm not saying this is wonder oil or anything bit its much better then similar priced motorcycle oils i've had experience with. Time will tell. So for anyone looking at these new Penrite oils i can say for the price you can't go wrong. I'll keep you updated in a few 1000km to see how it goes.

    But at the end of the day use what ever floats your boat.
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  2. Ahh f***it! I was going to go into Autobarn today, but ended up going into Supercheap and spending $50 on Fuchs Silkolene 10w40.

    Would definitely have given the Penrite a try if I'd known it was there for $36. :(
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  3. Sounds good, I didn't notice much difference going from Activ4T to Delo400, I think I'll give this a try.

    (How may kms were on the oil you changed out?)
  4. Service sticker says in only had 2600km, when I changed the oil it flowed out like water! But looked clean. The improvements were noticeable but not night and day. I couldnt find delo400 anywhere but read it is a highly praised oil.

  5. tried 2 autbarns in melb, they dont carry the Penrite mc-4st.. tried city store and airport west
  6. I actually did an oil change and put this in mine last week.
    Incidentally I was having similar issues to Ampto, with "clunky" gear changes giving me cause for concern with my own technique!
    OK so new oil is smooth and I changed both filters (oil and air...) at the same time, but I'm really happy with the Fuchs so far - smooth as silk changes are the biggest (but not the only) thing I've noticed...
  7. Supercheap and Repco also carry Penrite but whether they will carry this oil is questionable.
    Full range of Penrite Motorcycle products:
    ENDURO 4 STROKE 25W-70 (Classic Range)
    FORK OIL 5
    FORK OIL 7.5
    FORK OIL 10
    FORK OIL 15
    FORK OIL 20
    HD OIL PREMIUM MINERAL 50-70 (Classic Range)

    List can be seen here:
  8. That was the semi-synth 10W-50 MC-4ST?

    Edit: Sorry, it must have been - that's the only 10W-50 I can see.
  9. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Ampto. :)

    I've been using Penrite HPR GAS 10 in my ZZR250 for 16,000 km. $40* for 5 litres of semi-synthetic which is half the price of the Motul 5100 my mechanic uses. I don't notice any difference that can't be explained away by the benefits of fresh oil.

    Will swap to Penrite MC-4ST semi-synthetic when I do my next minor service.

    * Plus a 10% discount for RACV members at Repco.
  10. I was using Motul 5100, but I'm poor now and the Fuchs was $20 cheaper. The gear changes are definitely smoother on the new oil but the old oil was getting pretty long in the tooth. So far it seems about the same as the Motul. Time will tell I guess. Generally oil is just oil.

    The only one I've ever really taken umbrage with was the 'proper' Honda oil that I bought from Honda, for Hondas. I could've consumed 4 litres of olive oil, pissed in the engine and had better results than that crap. :busting:
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  11. has anyone tried penrite pro gear 85/110
  12. JASO MA rating means it is safe for wet clutches, Penrite even has a picture of a m/cycle on there containers if it is suitable for m/cycle including some of there diesel oils.
    I personally use HPR10GAS in my bike and have found that the gear box is better than when I was using Fuchs Silkolene.
  13. I have used Penrite TenTenths Racing and the newer MC4-ST 10W-40 (which is TenTenths Racing with slightly less zinc i think to be more catalytic converter friendly) in a VFR800. Initially i did not notice any great difference or improvement but after same 2000km the motor seemed to spin up easier and the gear change was slick. Maybe the Penrite zinc and oil additives needed time to displace the former oil and coat surfaces with its zinc etc. AND, the oil seemed to perform with no degradation over the period between oil changes (6,000-10,000km). Honda recommend 12,000 between oil changes WTF :eek:
    I used Penrite for some 40,000km and the motor and gear box at 52,000km felt better than when new.

    Recently put MC4-ST 15W-50 in my BMW F800GT (replacing the Castrol 10w-40 used by the local dealer). Immediate improvement noticed due to the difference in oil viscosity (now using the grade that BMW recommend). Quieter, smoother and less vibration. Again, after some thousands of km's using the Penrite oil, the motor and gear box are sweet. Like the VFR, the BMW seemed to take a while to respond to the oil. Now on the second oil change using Penrite.

    Being POA/Ester the oil is resistant to shear and viscosity change and will much better hold its specifications between oil changes.

    Highly recommended based on my experience to date.
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  15. actually I tried this new penrite and fuchs silkolene one after the other, after only running the Penrite for a week so I was comparing "fresh to fresh". IMHO the Penrite was slightly better than the Fuchs silkolene, much to my surprise.
  16. While Penrite make a lot of products, retailers stock a very limited range of their products and the products they do stock are often not the appropriate ones. Whoever determines what Penrite motor cycle products a store stocks does not seem to have much knowledge about motorcycles.

    Only yesterday i was trying to purchase some Penrite 15wt fork fluid. No stores, bike or automotive, stocked any. They could get some in for me but i would have to purchase a 'box' of the 1 litre containers. No thanks i only want 2 litres.

    This is the 3rd time i have had to purchase a different brand product from a different retailer because the Penrite product i wanted was not readily available.
    Makes me wonder why Penrite produce the products they do if they are then not available for purchase.
  17. tried this on my er6n and shifting was very rough compared to the old motul that was on it
  18. You might need to define "this" a bit more closely, also "old Motul". Otherwise it's a bit hard to understand why you might be experiencing shifting roughness.
  19. I switched across to the Penrite hpr 10 w 50 gas oil as well. Seems to be doing fine so far
  20. I've been running the Penrite HPR Diesel 15-50 for about 7 or 8 changes. And while it is JASO rated I don't think its aimed at bikes like motul so doesn't carry the price tag. I usually wait 'till it comes on special and stock up a bit. 1st change it came out black, now on 4k changes it comes out almost the same colour it goes in and still has that new oil smell (well almost)! I have a bottle of Castrol Active 4t that's been sitting since and I don't care to go back to it.While there was no immediate difference in the clutch and gear change, I recon its better now. And as the OP would know, Firestorms can be a bit cranky and make a noticeable clunk from 1st to 2nd.