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Road tested a 100kph electric maxi-scooter t'other day

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Just posted the review on Gizmag:

    Lots of fun this thing, handles like crazy and it's quite an experience trying something with an electric engine. This pic's me laughing my head off after scraping the fairings doing the GP weave within a single lane.

  2. Niice :)

    Do you know if it's electronically limited at 100 clicks, or if that is just as fast as the physics will allow?
  3. Actually IIRC I got it up to 110 indicated... Felt like it had a bit more in it but I was coming up on a cop car in an 80 zone so I backed off quick smart. Not sure if it's electronically limited.

    The engine's quite nice to use, call the port melb office if you're interested in a spin around the block. Once they pack some more battery life into these bikes and beef up the power they'll be genuine players in the market. I'm looking forward to riding my first electric sportsbike!
  4. Whilst I like the idea of playing on somebody else's toys :) I don't think I could use one - especially not at that price. My daily 70km grind probably has me at an average of 70-80 km/hr, I think I'd run out of go using the figures in the article. Besides my CBR is just starting to get fun :)

    I do like the idea, especially as you say, when they sort out the batteries.
  5. Now there's an oxymoron if ever I saw one, especially when we're talking electrics (I swear Magnetti Marelli must have been Lord Lucas' Italian cousin).
  6. Nah, more the brembo and marzocchi bits.
  7. Do they need some one to do the crash testing :?
  8. Imagine you have $17,000 top spend on a bike... that sort of money buys some fairly serious machinery. For example, Speed Tripple. Should I get Speed Tripple or Vectrix? Hmm... Let me think about it, but hang around - shouldn't take me longer than a microsecond to decide.
  9. Of course, it's one of the first viable plug-in bikes on the market... It's the technology that's interesting - and the fact that you'll pay around $45 a year to run it. When the batteries catch up, huge performance potential is already available, and prices will come tumbling down.

    I firmly believe we'll see a heck of a lot more electric bikes on the market in the next 10 years, which is what makes it so interesting to take a ride on one of the first.

    Bring it on!
  10. I don't think that's the sort of market they'd be chasing though. Now if you change it to a decision between a Vectrix or a Hyundai Getz or something it does start to make a lot more sense. After all the Vectrix would be cheaper to run, free to park (in Victoria), can still split through traffic and, let's face it, even an electric scooter is a lot cooler and more fun than a Hyundai ;).
  11. Pretty cool article Loz, but I'm going to have to give it -5 Yak Burgers out of 10 :LOL: No mention of how it wheelies!? [-(
  12. Nope, it makes even less sense and that's the problem: as a sensible runabout it is grossly overpriced because it has to compete with 125cc scooters. And as a fun toy 17 grand buys better toys that are more fun. So who would buy this? I guess Jay Leno will add one to his garage, next to his Boss Hoss... but how many Jay Lenos are there?
  13. Well yeah, that was an issue, it's the first bike in a looooong time I haven't been able to wheelie. But I've spoken to the distributors at length about this.

    Incidentally they'll release a 3-wheeler version soon, with two wheels at the front - and those 'carver'- style bikes apparently handle like nothing else, huge stability on their sides, braking in a corner no problem. Looking forward to riding that, I'm trying to set up a comparo with the piaggio MP3 Micky posted a drifting vid of.
  14. Cool, I predict they'll replace all small scooters in 10 years.
  15. Ahh but you're forgetting that it has the "environmentally friendly" wank factor. After all just look at how many people have bought Prius' despite the fact there's cars out there that are much better, much cheaper and only use marginally more fuel (or less in some circumstances - like highway driving).
  16. You're dead right. It's a stupid idea, only idiots would buy them. They should all be thrown in a scrap heap. All hail our fossil fuel over lords (yes, that's you Saudi Arabia).
  17. As opposed to the fossil fuel overlords in Morwell you mean ;).
  18. Although its very expesnive, its great to see things like this making it onto the market. in a few years when battery/electrics r&d has gone a bit further making it cheaper to construct these things, I can definitely see it being a popular choice for commuters
  19. Given a bit more range, I'd contemplate one purely as a commuter. My daily round trip is about 85 km on 80+ limited roads so it wouldn't be up to it at the moment but give it a couple of years...

    Then I could put all that saved petrol money into the ancient and horrible two-strokes that I covet, to thrash at weekends :grin: .

    17k is an awful lot of dosh, but then (some) people pay 20k for a Smart. And still have to pay to park.
  20. I never said the idea is stupid. The stupid part is trying to sell it for 5 times more than the competing solutions, ie, 125cc scooters. It's OK for a new technology to carry a bit of a premium, but not five-fold! Produce one you can sell for three thousand, or even five, because the running costs will be lower - and I'll get one in a flash.