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Road Surfaces and Safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Having been the victim of a couple off minor offs during my first year of riding (both low side drops - <$300 damage total for both) I have been amazed how small variables can affect our ability to stick to the black stuff. There is the obvious stuff on the road:

    - Water (aquaplaning due to reduced traction)
    - Oil on road (especially on corners)
    - Gravel/Loose stones
    - Leaves/Other debris
    - White Lines (esp wet ones)
    - Tram tracks when parallel (ESP wet ones)
    - Wildlife (eek)
    - and more...

    And of course there are bike related factors.

    But aside from foreign objects, what are peoples general opinions on the different types of road surfaces and their ability to grip/hold lean angles etc:

    - Flat, Quiet, Super flat black bitumen (like on resurfaced bit of Eastern FWY in melb - and the F1 track for that matter)
    - General Black/Greyish bitumem/asphalt like on most roads
    - Chipseal type roads (After a few months when all the gravel has been swept off) - Grey, Loud, basically stones rolled into asphalt the road.
    - Concrete - prone to corrugation? (eg vic pde in melb)
    - Bricks - yuk
    - SUPER sticky rubber sandpaper stuff (like on 180 degree u turn entrance to eastern freeway off hoddle street) - mmm y favourite - ever put you feet down on that stuff? you cant move them. (might chew up the tires if they laid it all the way along Reefton though)

    Personally in wet or dry conditions I don't feel that confident on Chipseal roads - even clean bedded-in ones - dunno why.
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  3. My favourite surfaces at the moment are on the Black Spur and at Broadford. Both feel racetrack smooth and offer great levels of traction. :D
  4. I guess our rds arent too bad. Could be better i suppose. Just annoys me how much bloody rego and whatever else we pay and then you hit a pothole in the rd, instant thought where does all my bloody money go??
  5. hehehe. I was up there about a month ago and it was being re-surfaced. Even more pebbles and scarily enough no "roadworks ahead" signs. :shock:
    Took it nice and easy.

  6. :LOL: simpsons quote springs to mind:

    Moe: "Yeah we ran out of floorboards there, so we painted the dirt. ..."
  7. My guess is that you gentlemens and ladies who like to ride the high country are going to have to be a LITLE careful this weekend!
    Here in NSW the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains has been closed due to snow during the day and areas as far south as Berrima have experienced significant snow falls..
    So be careful up there kiddies.
  8. You want to try and walk on a properly prepared drag strip.

    I've seen people rip glued on shoe soles off trying to walk on it :shock:

    A combination of lots of rubber & a traction compound called VHT equals a very sticky piece of road :D

    Only problem is when it rains the road becomes an ice skating rink and it's nearly impossible to keep a car driving in a straight line :roll:

    Want to practice driving on black ice then try the Calder Park main straight on a wet day \:D/
  9. That's true pdva. That's the reason why it was so important to move the drag strip at Eastern Creek from the main race track to a specialised location. The layup of rubber and vht that had built up at the end of the main straight as the cars and bikes howled at full speed into Turn 1 made it incredibly dangerous, and doubly so if the day was wet.