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'Road Spy' SMS service slammed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Jan 11, 2006.

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  2. there should be an option for suggesting it should do notification of speed traps only - i don't think anyone will argue that RBTs are a bad thing...
  3. :LOL: why would he do that? they're obviously not making enough revenue off the cameras. either that or they get off on watching all the near misses and accidents as people slam on their brakes when they come across a mobile speed trap :?
  4. If it's a statewide service, You'd get flooded with SMSs. I imagine your phone memory would fill up pretty quickly.

    Agreed, about RBTs, I never complain about being stopped.
  5. ah, the stupidity

    i think we need some propoganda to help the average Australian remember that the police are the good guys
  6. Radio stations do it all the time... I dont see a problem with it...

    Besides... cameras arent for revenue raising... they are for slowing people down... and that is what will happen if people know there are cameras there right?


    I DO have a problem with people checking their SMS messages while they drive....
  7. I don't see a problem with people knowing where speed cameras are. How many times have you looked at the speedo and your 5 kms over without realising it? People knowing there are cameras around is going to make them more aware of their speed and more careful.

    I agree with the others that advertising RBTs isn't a good thing because that'll just make drink drivers go a different way home to avoid it.
  8. I also don't see a problem with people knowing where speed cameras are, however the Govt don't like because they loose revenue.

    Still think that more accidents are happening because we continue to look at our speed to much and not the road.
  9. Yep, that's the major problem with this scheme.
  10. The NSW RTA signposts the fixed speed cameras anyway
  11. This is a great idea.

    Every driver and rider should be entitled to as much information about traffic conditions.

    Traffic around these locations is always eratic, because everyone is jumping on the brakes, looking at their speedos and looking at the police cars. Nobody pays any attention to where they are going.

    Of course, nobody should be reading SMS's when riding/driving. You cannot press the buttons properly when you've got your kevlar gloves on..
  12. Hmm 280 bucks a year subscription is more expensive than being caught twice for being "just above the limit". Clearly this is not aimed at people who are rarely booked for speeding.
  13. It definitely shouldn't give out RBT locations.
  14. I think at $280 a year, their customer base would be people wanting the RBT alert rather than the speed camera alert...
  15. Totally agree with that. Anyway, it's not good while you're actually on the road so you'd need to check before you start...
  16. ??? so the bloke whos had a few mouthfulls over the legal limit has less right to know then speeders ???
  17. Someone who might have considered speeding, and got a warning would presumably slow down for at least part of the journey.

    Someone who is already over the limit, and pays money to be warned about RBT sites, would presumably take an alternative (less familiar) route home, but still drive over the limit.

    "a few mouthfulls over the limit"?
    Hell, I don't feel safe riding/driving when I'm quite a few mouthfulls _under_ the limit.