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Road spikes in centre of the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hoski, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Was tempted to put this in the road hazards section.

    Art installation (spiky metal things) in the middle of High St, Northcote/Westgarth. It really makes you wonder about this. A danger for riders, cyclists and pedestrians I guess.


    RESIDENTS and businesses are calling for an art installation along High St to be removed before it causes a serious accident.

    The Darebin Council-funded Ruckers Hill design appeared this month on a strip of land dividing traffic between Westgarth Village and Clarke St.

    Westgarth Traders Association president Peter Lynch said High St users risked being impaled on the spiky work. His calls for it to be removed are backed by Darebin Greens councillor Trent McCarthy and social media users. Mr Lynch said the council would be held responsible if a cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrians were impaled on the "metal shard installation''.

    "The installation is both a potentially lethal hazard and completely inappropriate for the Westgarth Village streetscape,'' he said.

    Mr Lynch, the principal solicitor at Northcote Lawyers and Associates, said the work should be removed and another commissioned, this time with input from locals. He said the association had asked the council several times about what work was planned, but the council had "baldly refused to notify Westgarth Traders Association of the nature of the installation''.

    Marg Sangalli, from Syrinx Environmental which designed and installed the work, refuted the claim that the project posed a risk to the public.

    "The risk has been assessed by the council risk department and they're happy with the project," Ms Sangalli said.

    "There's a perceived risk but sometimes there's a massive difference between perceived risk and actual risk.''

    Ms Sangalli said feedback from locals during installation had been positive. But it was the complete opposite on social media this week. A Facebook site called Mysterious Metal Pyramids of High St Northcote had comments including: "An insurance claim waiting to happen.''

    One cyclist posted that he was so "bedazzled'' by the shiny work he almost crashed into it. Comments were also posted on the Merri Action Group website, with one local describing the work as "the most god-awful, aggressive, negative entrance to Northcote/Darebin I could envisage''.

    Cr McCarthy said the work looked "dangerous and a bit ridiculous'' and that he had spoken to dozens of High St users who agreed. He wanted it removed and potentially relocated to a more appropriate site. Cr McCarthy said the council also needed to look at how it could repair relations with traders and locals in the wake of the work, including commissioning an appropriate installation in consultation with them. When he launched the work earlier this month, Darebin Mayor Tim Laurence said it was a celebration of the iconic Ruckers Hill land form and history.

    "The design draws on the site's use of galvanised steel featuring in the furniture and tree pits of the Tram Route 86 works, and folds back to reveal the history of the site in the historic brick works,'' Cr Laurence said.

    The art incorporates pointers for pedestrians to nearby places.Darebin Council is yet to answer questions on how much the project cost ratepayers.

    Can't paste a pic. Can anyone help?
  2. The pic comes up in the link OK. That thing is lethal!
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Yeah thats a pretty stupid place to put it. Right in the middle of the road.
  5. That thing is lethal if I had that siting on the floor in my workplace I would be crucified.

    who the fcuk would approve that!

    trip on gutter get impaled on spikes!

    If it was raised off the ground 6-10feet on some kind of plinth i'd have no issue but on the ground like that is ridiculous.
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  6. I saw these and immediately thought it is an idiotic idea. If you stack onto the centre strip, you fall these jagged spikes, some of which are really quite pointed.
  7. Will VicRoads step up to the plate and get them removed?
    PS: This is no criticism about the quality of the art. I make no judgement on that. I'm all for interesting public art. But this is just unsafe. As iClint said, if it was up high on a plinth or something, it'd be fine.
  8. This is what happens when you stand by and let hippies run things.
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  9. I love this bit

    Maybe someone should tell the TAC that.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Jesus christ - if you even lightly tripped onto that thing you are going to be in a lot of pain. How the fcuk did anyone approve this for the CENTRE OF A fcukING BUSY ROAD? Even if you were cross the road (you know - to get to any of the shops on either side of the road) and trip lightly you could get impaled on that thing. Not to mention the danger to all forms of two-wheel transport. Shit, even if you got sideswiped into that it's probably going to write off your car as it rips through all the paneling.

    What a fcuking stupid idea.
  11. The whole street is a farce. When the works were done to extend disabled access platforms right to the door of passing trams, no provision was made to warn approaching traffic unfamiliar with the area. A large number of vehicles ran their left-hand wheels up the ramped approach (installed for bicycles to ride through the pedestrian platform, right through the drop=off area :rolleyes: ) while their RH wheels ended up on the lower level. They retrofitted flexible bollards to warn the cars, but a number of cyclists have hit the bollards, falling off the platform and onto the tram tracks. Traffic that once flowed at a sedate pace has ground to a virtual halt, blocking the trams as well.

    It's not the only problem in the area either. About a km away a tram superstop was installed in the median strip of St Georges Road (very wide median with tram line and bike path - heaps of space though). To avoid realigning the tram track, the concrete structure protrudes into what was the free space immediately adjacent to the lane marking. To ameliorate this, they built an energy-absorbing bulkhead that protrudes into the airspace of the traffic lane. This bulkhead has been struck (hard!) at least six times in the last twelve months. The access platform could easily have been sited on the other side of the tram line with a simple realignment of the bike path. But a cyclist group objected.

    Hippies, I'm tellin ya...
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  13. "One cyclist posted that he was so "bedazzled'' by the shiny work he almost crashed into it."


    Next thing on the ban list: attractive people on sidewalks!

  14. Welcome to the Hipster capital of Australia.

    If you thought Northcote and Thornbury were bad, think again.
    Westgarth is full of Hipsters......wait for it.....with Jobs!
    Architects, academics, industrial designers alike.....Westgarth is their Mecca.
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  15. Holy jesus fcuk what a terrible idea, a disgusting piece of art and a hideous misallocation of ratepayer funds, whats the bet the artist is some councillors mate.

    Someone is going to die on that thing within three months, there will literally be a bloodied impaled body limp on a row of spikes in the middle of the road, all for what?

    Is it steel or aluminium? i would get a huge sledge hammer and flatten all the spikes in the night if it was alu
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  16. I'm heavily involved in the public art scene in WA and I can safely say that that particular installation should never have happened and wouldn't if the brief and the selection procedure had been anything like we have over here. Unless someone was both bent and stupid anyway.
  17. I wonder if Darebin city Council would find it "artistic" of me to place mannequins which have been impaled by this "artistic installation"
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  18. Yes, yes they would!!

    I have been past this a few times scared the hell out of me just thinking about what could happen.............
  19. I won't surprise then, that Darebin Council is also embroiled in an extended investigation into impropriety and corruption.
  20. er .. um .. why would anyone need 'art' on a median strip? :confused: The world has gorn mad :cautious: