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Road Side Assist

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lui, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Is there a preferred road side assist/emergency number you would call when you need help? I thought it would be a good idea to be prepared, save a few emergency numbers in the phone just in case. This is for Sydney metro area. Cheers!

  2. yeh, once you've paid for it.

    otherwise, 000

    A good mate with a ute or trailer is always a help.
  3. I have RACV Total Care...they come n assist you irrespective what vehicle you are on...even a bicycle.
  4. Apparently MA have a roadside recovery service for members, never figured out how to use it though.

    Otherwise NRMA/RACV/Q/T etc
  5. Probably not a good idea.
  6. I considered getting the RACV Total Care package to cover all my vehicles, including the bike. However, when I looked into it and thought about it, I just decided to find and save to my phone some motorcycle recovery service numbers.

    I don't have any for Sydeny and surrounds, but if you have a Telstra mobile, you can call Telstra Call Connect on 12456 and ask to be connected to a motorcycle recovery or towing service. If oyu have another carrier, they will have the equivalent of 12456.

    Oh, yeah. Don't call 000, as you will be charged for negligent driving, or something else, if you have had an incident. Which is the only reason you would call an emergency number. Making false calls to 000 is considered a very serious matter.
  7. I am speaking with the RACV at the moment for something like this for netrider members ;)
  8. only if that extra level of road side assistance is needed of course.
  9. That would be cool, if the price was right. I didn't take up Total Care partly because of the additional cost on top of my car and bike insurance.

    Mondial Assistance used to do the Ducati roadside assistance. I think the charge a couple of years ago was only around $25, but now it seems to be $99 per annum.
  10. Nrma already do roadside assist for bikes, I have it for two of mine. Personally don't think they could fix a bike on the side of the road, anymore than I could, but at least they will have to tow the bike then.

    As for the MA roadside assist, I have been on one of there rides, and when the service was needed for someone else, the contact number was not available, i.e. no answer for several hours. The guy ended up leaving his bike at someones place, and arranging his own pick up....
  11. Currently with RACV Total Care, they do not fix your bike, but will tow it to your home or mechanics...or provide fuel if you have run out.

    They do not fix your bike, as they say they do not have the expertise..I guess its the same if they can't fix your car either.

    Anyway, at least they don't leave you stranded... and since Total Care was for my Wifes Car and any Vehicle I operate, the bike assistance is a bonus. :D