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Road sculpture 101

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nobby, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. pics of my recent art work, [​IMG]

  2. Noice.

    looks like thats inspired by works from the late Loz period durring his highside stage or may be early Vic when he was in his superman stage, hard to tell from this angle :p
  3. :(
    glad your ok mate.
  4. If you hang off a bit more, you won't need to lean the bike so far into the corners. It might cost more in knee sliders, but you'll save heaps on paint and exhausts.
  5. very artistic nobby. :(
    i hope the road only used the harder medium to work on and did not include the rider himself who would be a bit more delicate to sculpt on than the zzr600.
  6. Eeeek! So how IS the rider?
  7. Ouch, pics like that are never a good thing. Hope all involved are OK.
  8. No way Nobby [​IMG], I'm sorry for your lack of artistic talents, don't try doing it again!
  9. Both myself and my bike are fixable and luckily for me all the broken bits are on the bike. I did manage to lesson the damage to the bike though by placing myself between it and the road surface. :cry:

    My reward for for all this is a dislocated left thumb, banged and bruised right elbow, bruised right thigh, severe bruising and swelling to my left knee, and a severely dented ego.

    Riding gear is all re-usable and my helmet never touched the ground.

    Now if anybody has a right hand handlebar, right hand can or a front right peg bracket for an 04 zzr600 hanging around their shed, and they want to sell it .. drop me a pm.

    In the meantime watch out for the maroon magna, i'll be the one opening the drivers door and leaning the knee out on the right handers.

  10. something like this???
  11. Hey hey... I have some ZZR600 handle bars and other bits left over... I'll have to check what exactly I have but I'm %100 sure I have a set of handle bars and forks...

    I would be more than happy to get rid of the "whole lot" at a good price...

    PM me... I'm in Melbourne... Frankston...
  12. pm ondaway
  13. Classic, if that guy is really moving, that is awesome :LOL: