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VIC Road Safety Speed Camera offences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jerryx4, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. #1 Jerryx4, Aug 9, 2013
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    although not identical but related to overturning...
    I was heading to Moorabbin Apt last Oct to take my Ex up for a flight. Set cruise control at 62kph (so I could review my flight notes) heading down Warragul road & flash at that same intersection.... Got a $160 fine for 62kph. I attempted to have it overturned as at 2kph is a bit insane. It was denied & I had to pay....

    Another time red light turning camera in Preston. It was wet, I was driving 3ton truck & light went from yellow to red. I wrote in stating it was unsafe to attempt to brake heavily in such conditions whilst turning & on my approach to the line the light was still yellow. They over turned the fine & gave a warning instead.

    [edit] Thread split from right turn camera 5am no traffic

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  2. WTF?

    You set your cruise control so you could review your notes while you drove down Warragul Road?
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  3. Incorrect.

    If you were doing 62km/h, no fine would have been issued. Your speed was closer to 65km/h.

    The detected speed is what was recorded on the speed measuring device. The alleged speed (62km/h) is a lesser speed and is what the police would allege in court was the speed of your vehicle.

    The Road Safety (General) Regulations requires the speed camera to be calibrated to a certain level of accuracy, usually plus or minus 2km/h from the detected speed to account for the margin in error allowed for in the device.

    The deduction gives you the benefit of any doubt as the accuracy of the speed measuring device.

    Pre-occupied or inattentive drivers tend to get stung with speeding offences.


  4. That's the key takeaway I got from his post too....

    hmmmm.......Not. Going. To. Last. Long.
  5. So you took your eyes off the wheel to look at notes while driving?????????
    Hand in your motorcycle NOW as you don't GET IT
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  6. And yet someone lets you fly their plane.
    Go figure
  7. 4am, driving car. both speeds showed 62 thus why I argued it but it was overturned.
    the extent of 'reading notes' was to check the numbers on the 10 pages were in correct order.
    when in a car with CC i use it all the time.
    Checking my notes was no more distracting than a mother passing a drink to her kids in the back seat but my notes were attached to the dash via knee pad
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  8. There is plenty of moments in a plane where you're not looking outside - Instrument scans, map scans, check lists, manuals etc. But that's not appropriate behaviour in traffic on the road.
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  9. Disgusting.
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  10. Good point but i guess my point was he decision making in general
  11. next time you look down to adjust your stereo volume while your driving make sure you disciple yourselves ;) & def don't take your concentration off the road while flicking your visor down next time you ride!
  12. If what you do is supposedly of no consequence then why do you need to use cruise control ?
  13. Take two.

    Not interested in what your electronic speedometer and/or cruise control reading as both are subject to errors, and it remains your responsibility to stay within the speed limit. This is why I had referred to the Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) which was received in the mail.

    On your TIN are two speed readings. The detected speed is the speed which the safety speed camera detected your vehicle travelling at. The alleged speed is always lower than the detected speed because of legislative tolerances which are to be applied in the drivers favour.

    This means you were issued with an infringement notice for travelling at less than the speed at which you were detected at.

    For fixed digital cameras, the legislative tolerance is two km/h less than the detected speed or two per cent less if travelling over 100 km/h. Your detected speed was therefore no less than 64 km/h in a 60km/h zone, and if it was a mobile camera, your detected speed was no less than 65km/h.

    [VIC] Where is my tolerance?
    [VIC] Tolerance changed from 3% to 2%?

  14. Please, don't call them that...
  15. This is the same sort of bullshit excuse people use in relation to texting while driving, and I think it's so wrong. Texting while driving in my experience is one of the most hazardous activities you can undertake, putting my safety at risk.

    Short answer, please don't do it anywhere near me!
  16. But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone."
    - John 8:7

    I don't believe that anyone can claim to have paid 100% attention 100% of the time whilst in control of a motor vehicle.
    The only difference between Jerryx4 and us is that we don't blab about our vehicular shortcomings on a public forum.
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  17. I don't think you should be riding if you equate the level of concentration required to flick down a visor to that of reviewing flight notes.
  18. Do you really think that flicking your visor down takes the same concentration as reading notes? Really?

    Reading notes (checking page numbering) while driving? Really?

    Setting your cruise control so you could achieve this? Really.

    You don't see anything wrong with this?
  19. You're an idiot.
    The excuse 'others are also idiots so it's ok' won't fly around here.

  20. Yep sorry, made the mistake of having nothing to hide. Never needed too at any other stage of my life. Kinda explains why there's no 'oh crap just got a fine for...." threads on this forum.
    Better not go into any of my car racing history! or the time I accidentally ripped the blade off a harvester...it looked like it would fit through the gate!

    Have a break, have a kitkat...(just not while your driving!)