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Road safety charity says: ‘Don’t buy your kids motorbikes’

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Reported at www.motorcyclenew.com


    = = = = = =
    There are do gooders who want to stick their nose into your business every where. :roll:

  2. Yeah, better just to sit them in front of the telly.
  3. What a dumbarse thing to say. How does she feel about horses/ponies I wonder? No friggin off switch on those scary bastards.
  4. I think the point about early training before they reach driving age is important.
  5. tell them to eat a dick.

    i got my first bike at 4 years old.
  6. the most deaths in any sport per year in Australia is from ...yes you guessed it. Rock Fishing.
    The point this person is missing is that ALL sports that require a level of physical ability are dangerous. Swimming, Footy, Gymnastics, all have the potential to harm. It is a pretty ill informed rant really.

    "So little tommy you can't have a minibike, now take your toy machingun and go play outside like a good little boy"

  7. Says a lot about their mindset right there

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  8. Why aren't horse deaths included in the road toll? Off road motorcycling is.
  9. http://www.brake.org.uk/latest-news/200611.htm

    There is the page about it. Has an email addy there too

    They have a heap of anti kid bike stuff on there. Nothing about not riding horses. In fact they promote safety principles when riding horses.
  10. Will check it out from the lappy when I leave hell, I mean work.
  11. They're right, I crashed my bikes hundreds of times.
  12. Call me irresponsible once my three year old masters the pushie shes getting a bike .
  13. FFS what is happening to this bloody country and where are these fark witts coming from ??? Serious. Is it trendy to be a Dudley do no wrong.
    Get the kids outside. Don't let them roam the streets. No more bloody scrums in footy. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeezuz H fricken christ I am over it.
    Where's the badge of honor in an arm or a leg in a cast gone to ???
    My X and I grew up together. She rode horses and I bikes. Her file at the hospital is three times as thick as mine. And she grew up on a horse stud and was no weekend pony club clutz either.
    I think we must need more mad men like Bob Catter and Barnaby running this country some how. Because the strait do no wrong please all mo fo's we are voting in are getting it so WRONG
  14. Hahaha, she'd probably do better on the bike than the pushie. Less coordinating things, plus built in forward propulsion. Particularly if it's automatic.
  15. I work in the cycling industry, what about all the pushbike crashes where the kids have little or no protection???
    Bunch of do good, carbon taxing, tree hugging, green tea drinking, politically correct twits.

    Let kids be kids, play in the dirt, climb trees, kick the footy, ride bikes...
    Id rather my kid(not that I have any so i cant really say) know how to ride in an educated and controlled environment than letting them loose on the roads at 16 or 17!
  16. I think I'm in love. <3
  17. She's alright hey?
  18. Has potential.
  19. It appears to be a UK organisation so it's not evidence of Australia becoming even more terrified of its own shadow than it already is, difficult though that would be.

    Having spent some years interested in road safety issues in the UK, I've never previously heard of Brake so I assume they're relatively new or Scruby without the connections. Best ignored.