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Road Sack Backpack

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by vic, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. I have a reputation for waffling on when it comes to reviews so I'll keep this one as short as possible.

    I have a Road Sack Backpack and today, for the first time, I needed to use it.

    I don't like wearing backpacks on the bike. They shift around and never sit comfortably. Well all of the ones that I've had in the past behave like an odd shaped weight on your back.

    Thanks to the wife's car being at the mechanics, she had to take my car to work which "forced me" to ride my bike to work.

    Aside from getting up late my other problem was to find a way to get my 15.4" MacBook to work and back.

    So I went into the garage and pulled out the Road Sack. Opened it up and tried to get the laptop into it.

    Success. It fits and fits well. There is a compartment that was specifically built for the MacBook, I'm certain of it. ;)

    The backpack has a nice and bright yellow Hi-Viz type of material on the front of it and a good size reflective strip on a flap that covers one of the pockets.

    Having an ample vodka storage tank bolted to the front of my 6-pack the standard sized buckle that the pack comes with was too short to get around my ample gut.
    After an email to Road Sack they manufactured a short extension belt and sent it to me. The extension belt was going to be available in their store but I see that they have opted to add $10 to the cost of the Road Sack and offer a bigger belt.
    Works for me and any other non-svelt individual :D

    Comfort. I guess by now you're thinking, shut up and tell us about the backpack.

    OK, OK, so it's comfortable. Very very comfortable. To be perfectly honest, it is the first time I have ridden with a backpack on for 2 years.
    I forgot I had it on this morning. It really is that comfortable.

    It has a pocket in the front for easy access to items that you need easy access to like your wallet, phone, garage remote etc etc.

    Inside there are 6 compartments sop there is ample storage room for all of your bits and bobs.

    The really nice thing about this Road Sack is that it has a built in back protector. Whilst it's not a hard moulded plastic shell type, it is there to prevent penetration unless of course you ride into a spear or similar.

    Faults? So far, after one trip I found that the weather strap that is supposed to protect the zipper from rain can easily get caught in the zip slider. Not a huge issue, you just need to be mindful of it or it is easily caught.

    The zip is a heavy duty one with metal sliders not plastic crap that is going to break easily.

    I'm not 100% sure if the thing is waterproof or just shower proof so I took a look at their website and found this;

    So I guess my MacBook will be safe from the wet weather.

    The Road Sack expands to accommodate all of your goodies but the best thing about it is that when it's empty, it collapses so it is reasonably thin (like me) for storage.

    Would I recommend it? I wouldn't hesitate.

  2. Was looking at getting one of these but wasn't sure. Now I'm sure.

    Thanks for the review :)
  3. We gave away 6 of them last time.

    I just sent them another email asking if they had 6 more to give away :D
  4. Just got a reply from them about the waterproof properties of the Road Sack and here is their response.

    They are also releasing a Push Bike version in March so for those that are keen cyclists, your prayers have been answered.

    And in March we are also getting 6 more to give away :D so stay tuned. The comp details will be in the top banner.
  5. I concur. I ride with one of these whenever I need to carry my laptop, and it is excellent. The only problem I've found is exactly what you described - the weather-proof strip does get caught in the zip.
  6. I currently have an Ogio backpack but it has a carry handle on the top which is kinda hard, so it feels like something constantly digging into the back of my neck. I see a similar handle at the top of the Road Sack - does it feel like a big lump behind your neck/between shoulder blades (depending on where you wear the pack)?

    Also, are the straps comfortable? I've had backpacks in the past where unless the straps were so loose the backpack itself was hanging around my bum, the arm/underarm area would rub and dig in.

    One more question - is there a separate sleeve/compartment for the laptop or does it go in the main section?

    I'd be using it to commute daily from home to Docklands so I'm looking for something super comfy.
  7. oh i never win anything.....Im so unlucky when it comes to that sort of thing...

    Then again its only 6 weeks away, perhaps i can hold out n try my luck.:angel:
  8. I share the lack of enthusiasm for carrying luggage on one's body when the bike should be doing the work. I can't help thinking that a backpack is going to restrict your movement while riding, but then again I do see lots of riders (mainly on sportsbikes) doing it I guess it could work.

    I wonder if wearing a back protector under your jacket like I do would further compromise fit and comfort of the backpack?
  9. True, lots of riders wear backpacks. I suppose they'd be fine with soft things (jumpers or wets etc) inside but if I need to take my laptop or books (anything with hard edges) I would not use a backpack due to the hard edges and the risk I feel they would pose to my spine in an off.

    I dont like to increase risk .. is my brain fried 8-[ ?
  10. A back protector would probably help with the comfort as it wont matter as much about the awkward shapes of stuff you jam in there.

    I have a FOX motorcross backpack from a couple years ago that I used as a schoolbag. So naturally its freaking huge, fits everything i need in it, i have been in a huge downpour and its about 80-90% water resistant, i found the bottom inside was a bit wet, all the contents were ok though.

    However... since discovering some RJays universal pannier bags for $79 brand new, I havent worn the backpack since.
    Its less to think about and for doing long distance trips SO much better to keep everything off your back.
    <10min was fine even when I had to take a ~25kg diff centre into tafe :)

    Good idea to have one if its only used occasionally.. rather than setting up a luggage system that remains empty half the time and takes a while to install.

  11. Yeah, I'm afraid I'm a firm believer in making the bike carry the gear, not me. Anyway, horses for courses, I suppose.
  12. I found the straps to be comfy. The handle, I never thought about it till you mentioned it.
    Don't know, I've not felt it all all after 2 rides.

    Yeah there is a separate compartment for the laptop, it goes in the very rear of the backpack, then you have a sleeve in front of that and that in turn has a couple of pockets on it as well. I find the MacBook charger, USB modem & some cables easy to just toss in the very front outside compartment.

    I have a brilliant luggage system on my bike (Ask Goosh). I have expandable panniers, a tail bag and a tank bag.

    I tend not to need a backpack until I try to get the 15" MacBook in there, it just doesn't fit. The Road Sack is perfect for it.

    I'm only commuting with it on, I wouldn't do a ride with a backpack. If I needed to carry stuff for a ride, I'd take my tailbag.

    If you want to try it out when you leave Docklands on a Thursday or a Friday, swing past my work (I work in Windsor, 6pm-11pm) near the corner of Chapel & Dandenong Rd. Come down Kings way to Windsor then follow High street until you are back on the Monash, It will have my Macbook in it so you can feel what it's like to wear one.
  13. Thanks Vic, muchos helpful! :)
  14. Hasn't been a bother to me and in fact you dont realise you have a backpack on when riding as the back protector cushions the backpak
  15. I have one of them as well. It's good for what it is, and that's a day pack. In other words, bear in mind it's not big! It probably really was designed with carrying laptops foremost on the priority list, but I found it pretty useless for groceries - it basically can take little more than one plastic shopping bag. But I use it to carry a few essentials that would otherwise REALLY fill up my pockets, and for that it serves just fine. It certainly is Hi-viz. The handle doesn't bother me when I'm wearing it and it comes very handy suprisingly often - it's not something I missed on my other packs, but now that I've got it I'm glad it's there. It's been waterproof so far.