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Road Rules - Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by carver, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Road Rules - Victoria

    As part of national road law reform, the State Government of Victoria introduced nationally consistent road rules on 1 December 1999.

    Road Rules - Victoria was incorporated by reference in the Road Safety (Road Rules) Regulations 1999 which also included several other provisions not covered by the rules.

    Further information about the road rules can be obtained by contacting VicRoads on telephone: 13 11 71.

    Road Rules - Victoria

    The following document entitled "Road Rules - Victoria" is the Victorian edition of the Australian Road Rules developed by the National Road Transport Commission and endorsed by Commonwealth and State Ministers in the Australian Transport Council.

    Also attached below are the amendments to the Road Rules which have been introduced since 1999.

    Introduction and detailed Table of Contents

    Part 1
    Introductory (Rules 1-10)
    Part 2
    Application of the Road Rules (Rules 11-19)
    Part 3
    Speed-limits (Rules 20-24)
    Part 4
    Making turns (Rules 26-43)
    Part 5
    Change of direction and stop signals (Rules 44-55)
    Part 6
    Traffic lights and twin red lights (Rules 56-66)
    Part 7
    Giving way (Rules 67-87)
    Part 8
    Traffic signs and road markings (Rules 88-108)
    Part 9
    Roundabouts (Rules 109-119)
    Part 10
    Level crossings (Rules 120-124)
    Part 11
    Keeping left, overtaking and other driving rules (Rules 125-164)
    Part 12
    Restrictions on stopping and parking (Rules 165-213)
    Part 13
    Lights and warning devices (Rules 214-227)
    Part 14
    Rules for pedestrians (Rules 228-244)
    Part 15
    Additional rules for bicycle riders (Rules 245-262)
    Part 16
    Rules for persons travelling in or on vehicles (Rules 263-272)
    Part 17
    Additional rules for drivers of trams and public buses (Rules 273-286)
    Part 18
    Miscellaneous road rules (Rules 287-304)
    Part 19
    Exemptions (Rules 305-313)
    Part 20
    Traffic control devices and traffic-related items (Rules 314-346)
    Part 21
    General (Rules 347-351)
    Schedule 1
    Abbreviations and symbols
    Schedule 2
    Standard or commonly used traffic signs
    Schedule 3
    Other permitted traffic signs
    Schedule 4
    Symbols and traffic-related items


    Road Rules Amendments

    Road Safety (Road Rules Modification No. 1) Regulations 2000
    Road Safety (Road Rules Modification No. 2) Regulations 2000
    Road Safety (Road Rules Modification No. 3) Regulations 2001

    Last updated on 21/10/2004
  2. Driving in Victoria: rules and responsibilities

    Driving in Victoria: rules and responsibilities

    Driving in Victoria: rules and responsibilities has been written for experienced drivers, providing information on road rules and driver responsibilities. This is intended as a guide only. Note that the book does not purport to set out in full all of the requirements of the law. For a complete knowledge of the road law, consult the appropriate Acts and Regulations.
    Click here to view the publication Driving in Victoria: rules and responsibilities (pdf 1.56Mb)

    Contact the VicRoads Bookshop to order a copy of Driving in Victoria: Rules and Responsibilities ($14 per single copy, or $9.35 per copy for packs of 20). Telephone (03) 9854 2782 or 9854 2049 or email: bookshop@roads.vic.gov.au

    Last updated on 14/07/2004