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QLD Road rules questions

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MeltingDOg, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. So I have Googled a hell of a lot trying to find answers to these questions. I have rang the Dept. of Transport and got nothing. I have emailed loads of people. I just cannot find where to get answers for these questions. I dont want to break the law but I might not even know I am doing it...

    Anyway, if anyone has answers to these questions I would be in your debt! (PS these are all QLD related)

    • Can you listen to an iPod whilst riding?
    • Can you use a hands free phone (Bluetooth) whilst riding?
    • Can you have a spare helmet attached to the side of your bike (helmet lock) whilst riding?
    • Doe removing the passenger foot pegs does that allow you to register the bike as a single passenger bike?
    • Is it legal to park paralel to the curb?
    • When (if ever) can you legally park on a foot path?
  2. Ok, from my limited knowledge of QLD road laws, based purely on what my son has told me since moving there.

    Yes you can listen to an iPod while riding
    Hands free is hands free and is legal
    You can, attached a helmet to the side of your bike, I don't know why you would. It'd be better to bag it and strap it to the seat or rack.
    You have to 'convert' the seat to single seat as well (and I think some other stuff as well).
    Yes it's legal to park parallel to the curb, don't know why you would though.
    It is against the law to park on the footpath in QLD.
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  3. Thanks mate! Much appreciated!
  4. As I say, it's my limited knowledge. Hopefully a QLDer will be along shortly to confirm what I've said is right or wrong.
  5. You cant ride or drive with headphones on in qld unless operating yada yad ... doesn't apply to us.... that's your catch. Ipods and blutooth both use headphones on a bike. I ride everyday, even stop and talk to plod now and then and have to take my headphones out, they never say nothing...
    yes to the helmet on the side, is illegal to have one ova the elbow whilst riding.
    Not worth it for the single rego
    Must park back wheel in, but can be quite an angle to curb so yup you can take up a whole space.
    And no in qld you can only cross a footpath, no riding or parking on it. Everyone does and some get booked.
  6. My son got away with it once. Copper noticed the Vic Number plate and gave him a warning, but then questioned him as to why he had a Vic registered bike with a NSW Licence. Dumb fcuk didn't notice that my son was wearing AusCams with rank slides/insignia and had a really short hair cut.

    The boy has no excuse now though, QLD Rego and licence.....
  7. Single seat registration in Qld requires certification. Have 3 of the certs stuck under my seat from when it was registered in Qld. There's both a seat modification (or making a second seat unusable) and footpegs removed. Footpegs are not supposed to be able to be easily refitted (drill out threads if there are threads or remove part of bracket etc) but all I had to do was screw them back in.
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  8. Actually the rules are worded so that bikes can park with either the front or rear tyre against the kerb, so long as one of the two is "as close as practicable" to the kerb. :) As you say, pretty much any angle relative to the kerb is acceptable.
  9. Would you like to have a small wager on this one?
  10. Australia wide:

    When angle parking is indicated a motor cycle must park within the bay with either wheel as close as possible to the kerb.

    When angle parking is indicated a motor cycle must park within the bay with either wheel as close as possible to the kerb.

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