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Road rash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by agttr, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. #1 agttr, Jan 17, 2009
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    I think most people here would've seen the vid of the girl 4uzN0NGmRDI[/media]]falling off the sportsbike with very little gear on, but I've only just come across this article on her thoughts on the overall incident one year on.

    Tried a search but couldn't find it. Apologies if it's a repost. Interesting read nonetheless.

  2. yeh, its been circulating around for a while now.

    at highway speeds too, real nasty without protection.

    i dont know how someone couldnt see the danger. you only have to look down to see youre only loosely suspended over a giant, coarse, belt sander

    ill take my chances with leather and dehydration to avoid ending up like that
  3. shocken,
    Totally different but theres a guy (pretty young) in my street that has a harley, and the other day he came down the street very fast, and my house is on a dangerous bend that a lot of idiots in cars hoon around and if there is a parked car out the front of my house, anyone speeding around the bend will most likely crash into the car, and when my brother gets a car guess where it will have to be parked...on the bend. Well anyway this guy came down the street then i noticed that he had his girlfriend on the back..then i noticed that neither one of them had helmets on....Bloody idiots. They went out my street which goes straight into a main road and they took off up the main road (which I might add is very busy as there are factories and a safeway on the main road)

    I just don't see why some stupid people would risk both their life and their girlfriends life. Pissed me off quite a bit, wish the cops got them.

    Sorry for a bit of a rant.
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    first link is not related to the 2nd link. it's been a common mistake amongst people. as i am aware, there is no known footage of brit morrows accident.

    2nd link is brittany morrow or roadrash queen as she likes to call herself.

  5. :oops: Sorry, I should've checked better. Got the links from a non-bike forum.

    :shock: Ouch those pics are awful. Glad to see she's using it as a positive way, encouraging others to learn from her mishap/accident.
  6. Was

    Was thinking they were not the same when she said in the article her friends Suzuki gsx750 but in video it was a older kawasaki.