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Road Rash (pc game)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ziggy8, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. found this thought id put it up
    brings back some memories
    12 years old i think this game is


    works on xp

    read the info.txt
  2. many hours were wasted many years ago playing this game when it first came out

    you KNOW you want to belt the bloke next to you with a length of chain, don't you???
  3. I LOVE Road Rash, one of my all-time fav games. I dug it up a few months ago and installed it again, but it doesn't like XP :cry:
  4. Thanks!
  5. I settle for GTA:SA, Although I wish you could use the shotgun instead...
  6. Yea I became addicted to this game again about a year ago. Love the video clips in the game too.
    Midnight Club Los Angeles has a few cool bikes and is a pretty good game.
  7. Holy shit I'd completely forgotten about this game but all the memories of the hours i spent in front of the computer when i was like 10 came flooding back. Props.
  8. WASTED! WASTED? What do you mean wasted? They were valuable hours of my road education. I've nearly won enough races to upgrade from a rat bike to a sports bike IRL.
  9. I remember playing an earlier version on my Sega Megadrive... I really miss playing that (and Lotus Challenge and Desert Storm). Must be about 20 years back now... wish I still had them :(
  10. Hahaha geez i remember this on megadrive as well! Used to play it at a mates house all the time!
    Just d/l it and works fine on Vista on my work laptop so should work fine on XP. Thanks for the link!
  11. Hey Ziggy,

    Now I have lost hours playing Road Rash :p

    Thanks for the download.
  12. I remember playing the demo version for days on end.

  13. I had that on playstation when I was a kid, bloody awesome game. And I remember one (if not this one) where you could use choppers and sidecars too.
  14. Just killed a big ass virus, wouldn't mind betting it came from this download :mad:
  15. sorry if it did, but im pretty sure its safe and i just done a scan and nothing came up
  16. Oh yes! That is an incredible find. Thanks for the link mate! Very nostalgic
  17. you can play most old games with an emulator. I am a big fan of Dos Box, haven't found an old game that it wont play. It also emulates the sound drivers :)