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Road Rager

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aaahhh, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. sitting at a red light on Anzac Pde, driver comes flying up behind me. Blasts his horn at me as soon as the light goes green. I cross the intersection and go to turn into a service station. He aggressively follows me about a meter behind then turns and goes on my left missing me by an inch when we enter the service station, scared the shit out of me. I yell out "what are you doing idiot" he stops gets out of his car comes marching over to me yelling something. I say " mate I'm on a motorbike, what if you'd hit my I hit the deck" He gets more aggressive and wants to fight, saying to me that I'm going around looking for trouble, WTF? This guy is highly strung and off his head. So I just apologise to diffuse the situation, I could see there was no having a conversation with this guy, plus I did not want to get into a fight over nothing. Guy dring a blue hyundai wagon, first three letters on number plate CDC. This guy is a psycho. My only part in this was calling him an idiot, which was not necessary although when some fool nearly takes you out word selection was not at the forefront of my thinking. Glad he missed me, glad I rode away and got on with my business and left him to his razy angry life.

  2. simple - drug affected
  3. Best thing to do sometimes is apologise, although it's also a good idea to leave your helmet on, and if necessary lead with your head.
  4. I hate fucktards like that. My problem is I wont back down if I am in the right. I wont throw a punch, but I am happy for them to try!

    Wonder what it would be like to cop a punch to the helmet?
  5. it makes the eyes water.
  6. Depends on where and how it hits. It's always better than no helmet, but.
  7. don't know if you have had a country upbringing, but it is easy to control a bull by sticking your thumb and forefinger up its nostrils and pinching them (if its not already angry that is lol) anyhow my point is I reckon if your in a fight with a helmet on the chin strap or mouthpiece of a full face would make a nice handle for your opponent to grab and have full control over where your head is much like the nostrils of a bull. Now if your not wearing your helmet don't let him stick his fingers up your nose ;)
  8. Personally I'd be losing my helmet pretty quick. Gloves and jacket on though.

    But I am a lot more docile in my old age, never know when some moron will pull out a bat or a knife :)
  9. Oh, that is so priceless! LOL!
  10. There are few men on the planet that cant be dropped by a knee to the nuts and a punch on the back of the head as he goes down. Yep, i fight dirty, but if you front up to me im gonna do all i can to defend myself.
  11. did you hit his mirror filtering a while back? must have been something that triggered it, if not thats ****ed up.

    i find my loud little cbr drives drivers insane to the point where they either want to race me or kill me, just idling at the lights the cibbee makes dogs go stir crazy & at 18 000rpm it makes them levitate!

    Sydney people are so highly strung these days they dont need drugs to lose the plot....so i think would what you did created the best outcome for sure
  12. Exactly. You ain't in the fight to win respect. You are in it (not by choice presumably) to win the fight. Win it any way possible within the law.
  13. Yes. I cannot/will not apologise for something just to keep the peace, but I fully agree that if that's what it takes then do so. Getting away from these morons is the best policy.
    If you have your helmet on and it gets ugly then use it. Let the guy grab you then smash his face in with an accidentally on purpose head butt! But make it a show stopper.... because if he gets hold of your helmet he can really damage your neck and will have you by the nuts. If they grab your helmet, your screwed.

    And never let them get behind you, you can't see much out of a helmet.

    If you can get your helmet off before it starts, that THE BEST thing. You can use it defensively to ward off any punches, and it makes a good offensive weapon, if you need to roundhouse the idiot and clock him one, or two... But don't stop till they're down, because once it's on, you have to go in boots and all. You HAVE to win!

    You did the best thing though. :)