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Road rager

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by [FLUX], Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Riding through Cranbourne a week ago on my way to somewhere better, and there's a column of traffic up ahead, stopped at the lights. Nothing unsual. Scoot along up the right-hand side (there's an empty right hand turning lane for some added room) and make it to the front. The first car is sitting about 5m back from the lights. How nice I thought. Plenty of room to slip in front there, so I did. :p

    Guy in the car at the head of the queue starts going mental: "You're a farkin fark-wit you farkin know that?!! Fark me you fark-wit! Farkin hell you're a fark-wit!!", and pretty much proceeds to repeat this, yelling at the top of his voice non stop, for about a full minute while the light sequence changes so we can go.

    Of course I did the right thing. Kept one casual eye on him in my mirror while largely pretending I couldn't hear a single thing he was saying. :grin: The guy would've been pretty close to popping a vein. Lights change, and needless to say we take off and some number of seconds I'm over 100m away in front of him without even exceeding the limit.

    I must've been holding him up from getting a rolling start run-up to the lights or something! :LOL:

  2. Ah Stew you're such a hooligan! :LOL:
  3. Haha, I have had the very same thing with a clown in an old barina. He held his horn down for about 20 sec :shock:
    Needless to say on take off, I somehow also had held him up apparently as I was several hundred meteres ahead of all the traffic within a few seconds.
  4. :LOL: Stew, I've had the same many times also... think it's just jealousy? They all wait in their cars in a big queue at the lights and there we go past them to front with little effort and they desperately want a bike but are too pu$$y whipped to go and buy one :p
  5. It's wierd. I NEVER have cars give me shit for filtering. Ever. It might be the all black outfit that makes me look 'Fooly Sik'.
  6. I'm with you Dougz. It almost never happens to me. This is the first time I've copped a bit of lip in maybe two years, and even then the last time was nothing like this guy.
  7. You sure it's not the 'Russian Martial Arts' logo all over your leathers? :LOL:
  8. Didn't think of that! :shock: Nice one Cejay

  9. It's usually those types that go mental, they're terrified of driving and traffic so they leave stupidly large gaps "just in case".

    Because they don't enjoy driving they can't believe that anyone else should either. Unfortunately they also appear to be the people who make the laws.
  10. Don't you realise that getting in front of a cager is the same as butt-raping him in the middle of his front lawn with all his family, friends and neighbours watching. :bannanabutt:

    You demeaned his manhood, you brute. :evil:
  11. LOL

    i love red lights, when i ride along in the middle of the cars, i always tend to go infront of the sporty car like or P platers.
  12. Sounds like your typical Neanderthal, often found in these parts :roll:

    That said, I've never copped any abuse when filtering to the front.
    Could have something to do with my intimidating appearance :p
  13. You probably didn't realise you clipped his mirror when you went past :LOL: :LOL:

  14. something's wrong if u have a whole empty right turn lane to use to filter to the front, and u still hit a mirror, spawn :p
  15. i always have a hammer in my back pack ....