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road ragee

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Johnrhys, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I was riding on anzac road think its called through holsworthy towards mac fields

    A commodore screaming up the road slamming on his breakss to me doing 60 in a 60 zone starts abusing the crap out of me then i pull up to get petrol he follows me starts abusingme saying i should move to the side when he does that i was about to hit the bloke

  2. Should've belted 3 shades of shit out of him.
    Dickheads on the road are common, even dangerous ones. But if they want to follow you until you stop and have another go? They deserve it...
  3. Yeah this guy looked so drunk so would have been easy but just the nerve to questiom my riding when he was the one speeding, reckless driving and dangerous drivinf
  4. welcome back to riding !
  5. Thankyou downside is i have to find 400 bucks haha
  6. you've certainly set yourself a challenge...most i've found was ...wait...nvm ...forgot about another incident...

    so on a subject change - why do you need to find 400 all of a sudden?
  7. For friday hmm lol im going to ask my motherrrr lol
  8. Sooo..back on subject - did u call the police and report him? Being drunk and all...
  9. With the number of nutters and drug-heads driving (and riding) around carrying weapons, and prepared to use them (see this week's incident in the Blue Mountains) arguing with people like this is not a good idea.....

    he who rides, then rides AWAY, lives to ride another day....
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  10. wise words old man, place is getting more n more like septic land :( damn shame
  11. Exactly hornet thats why i went with it and didnt provoke him.

    And the police have his license number and told me it was fake plates
  12. ...yessiree!....nothing like a nasty case of "road ragee".... :-s
  13. Fake brains as well
  14. Yep idiots on the road are dangerous but oh so amusing haha
  15. I've been through this sort of thing once, and discussed the issue.

    You can't always get away. When it happened to me I was on a CT110, tell me what I could ride away from on that.

    Pulling over and letting them get out then gunning it is probably the best way to try it, but if they're armed and intent on inflicting some pain NOTHING stops them from doing so from behind their own wheel.
  16. If they want to hurt you, apart from the stupid ones, they aren't go to get out of their car.
    If they want to yell and scream at you, they WILL get out of their car.

    Now...if you aren't interested in getting away (because that is the ideal time), then don't just sit there on your duff. Get off the bike, so he can't push you arse over head, and motion him to wait coz you can't hear him, and take your helmet off.
    Slip your finger(s) through the D Ring, or do the strap up and into that with a death grip.
    Well...your going to smash him in the face with it, BUT AFTER, he publically take a lunge at you in front of everyone. If you need to inspire him a little, tell him quietly, so no one else hears it, that he's not the first small dicked idiot you've met that day.

    When he lunges at you....hello helmet! Full swing down on the nose and forehead.

    Oh, it helps if you look like you are placid and just trying to appease the guy, (for the sake of the audience.) but then were forced to defend yourself.

    My advice - use what the bike is best for - disappearing in traffic!
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  17. Everything. Be inventive. You don't have speed, but the first traffic light with a few cars and you're gone. Really. :)
  18. You're in fine form today raven... I'd normally opt for the last line in your post:
  19. I just let fly ,Some old guy pulled straight out in front of me. Soon as i seen he was in a panic and trying to get off the road. I decided to turn my ass around and head home , no good riding in a crap mood, not a great start to the day
  20. Yeah sometimes ya just wanna give an intimidator or bully, a seriously valid reason to avoid you.
    Sometimes....Sometimes....if you are caught up with some mean and nasty POS human, all you have to do is be a alot meaner, alot nastier, and a much bigger POS human and be prepared to actually BE that person - no pretending.

    When they see you coming at them, they must have no doubt that this bloke is going to kick their friggin face in.

    If he's 20m away, and you still have the helmet on then good....the first hit could be the last one...you just rugby tackle them at full speed, and drive your helmet into their chest and upwards into their chin.

    Just be careful...you don't want to kill them, just have their jaw wired shut, so the only form of food for 6mths is what they can such through a straw.

    Sorted. :)