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Road Raged

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by nescius, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I mentioned this in another thread, but rather than hijack that one I thought I would make my own.

    I was on my bike (2010 Fireblade) on the GDE southbound, in the right lane, just before the roadworks at Glenloch Interchange, Approx 8:50am 3rd September 2010.

    I was tailgated by a silver Honda accord upon entering the roadworks 60 zone (my indicated speed at this point was 65kmh), I tapped rear brake to flash brake light and alert driver that they were too close. He didn't get the message so I turned around to look at him and motion for him to back off a bit so that he knew that he was too close.

    The driver was male, aged approximately mid forties, there was a young child (maybe 5 or 6 yrs old) in the front passenger seat. The driver continued to tailgate me until just before the physical divider where the road splits to go to either Tuggeranong or the city, suddenly he accellerated hard and passed me on my left partially in my lane before cutting back in and braking heavily, thus causing me to brake heavily. He began gesturing at me as well as swerving side to side and braking heavily again in front of me. There was another car in front of him that he proceeded to tailgate through the roadworks (distance 1m or less) while continuing to gesture at me.

    When leaving the roadworks the road diverges into three lanes, the driver continued tailgating the car in the right lane, there was another car in the middle lane and I moved to the left lane in order to turn off onto lady denman drive. As I moved up level with the driver he swerved sharply across three lanes into my lane, causing me to e-brake, I felt that this action was deliberately directed at me and he intended to make me crash, it was close enough that I feared for my safety. I followed him until I turned off at cotter road in order to get his details to report him. He continued on the Tuggeranong parkway towards woden.

    I sent that report (more or less) to the cops, hoping that something would happen to him, at least a talking to.

    I was obeying the road rules (for once), and I definitely didn’t do anything that would have warranted a reaction like that, I was very annoyed.

    When reporting the incident I called the police initially, and was instructed to use an online form to submit an incident report, which I did immediately. I was then (after a bit more than a week) sent an email saying that I should call again to make a statement. I called them as instructed but the operator at the number I was given had no idea what I was talking about, she offered to contact the officer who was handling the case and get them to get back to me. I haven't been contacted, so I guess I should be a bit more proactive and show up to the local police station and do it in person.

    I'm not the sort of person who makes a fuss about things, and this is the first time in my riding or driving career (started driving in '93, riding in '05) that someone has deliberately tried to hit me. I understand that the police may be busy and that they may get a lot of traffic incident reports but I don't think they appreciated how bad it really was. Maybe I'll try to be more hysterical when reporting it if anything like that ever happens again.

    I can't think of anything that I would have done differently, and I wasn't hurt so I guess my reactions were ok, but I would hate to think what would have happened if I had been less experienced or more hot headed.
  2. hi,

    seems to be a trend lately. had similar this morning.

    Glad you are ok

  3. I know that bit of road all too well. I've lost count the amount of times that knuckle draggin inbred cagers tailgate me when I'm just following the indicated speed limits. The truly troubling part about your incident was the kid in the car, some people should not be allowed to pro create.
  4. Yeah it's a difficult piece of road, unlike a lot of speed limits these ones are actually legitimate, there is a lot of work going on in that area and road conditions change often. The road surface has been changing day to day due to the rain we've had causing a lot of potholes. There is always dirt and gravel on the road as well (it gets cleaned up regularly but more appears fairly often). It's hard to balance tailgaters with road hazards, but we do the best we can :angel:

    The kid in the car shocked me, he showed no regard at all for the poor thing's safety. I seriously considered following him to wherever he was going and confronting him, but I thought things had been traumatic enough for the little one.
  5. Just give them the small dick signal and take off between cars, pisses them off even more :)
  6. Probably just on the rag.
  7. Again like the other thread, camera for your bike :)
  8. Don't feed them, don't gesture, ignore them and get out of their way. You just escalate things by doing that really and there's no point other than to enrage them. On the road, most people feel they are anonymous and can do whatever they want to, they have a feeling of being empowered, trying to give them advise or admonishing them for actions you think are wrong will only enrage many who have anger management issues. Seriously, there is no point, and this goes for the whole 'kick their mirrors off' attitude to, its a vicious cycle which escalates and can lead to disaster (see mikkey's thread).

    Just avoid them. my 2c.
  9. So if I report someone throwing shit out of his car he could/would receive a fine for littering. I ring and complain about a motorbike being to loud the owner will be contacted so he can have his bike tested by the EPA but if I try and kill you with my car that's ok as long as no cops see it.

    Funny world we live in.

    Glad you're ok and hopefully something will be done about it.
  10. This is my usual strategy, under normal circumstances I would have been miles away from this guy before anything could happen, unfortunately there was nowhere for me to go.

    Perhaps he misinterpreted my gesture for him to move back, but it was just a wave of the hand so I'm not sure how he would not understand. There may have been some sort of cultural misunderstanding, some hand gestures have different meanings in different countries, but I can't be expected to know all of them.

    I find that the majority of people I encounter on the road are not deliberately driving like fools, they just aren't paying attention, they're drinking their coffee or playing with their radio or whatever, and all they need is a little wake up like the flash of a brake light or a wave of the hand to focus their attention. Unfortunately for me this guy took it the wrong way.
  11. +1

    they may just take it out on the next unsuspecting motorcyclist that comes by.

    seriously, you lot, THINK!
  12. I am collecting a bunch of vids of this type of behaviour. Everyone should do it and contribute to a pool which can then be handed over to one of those tacky current affairs shows.
  13. And the episode shall be called "bikers terrorise drivers on our roads".

    Cameras are a bad idea, that is evidence that they can use in your trial :)
  14. Sounds like a great idea to me as it's high time we went on the offensive and showed the public that the obnoxious motorcycle rider is very much the minority and that the greater issue on the road comes from ignorant and arrogant cagers.
  15. Yes that's an idea. maybe we should start up a thread or something where we can post the vids.
  16. i guess lobbing molotov cocktails through their windows is out of the question then.
  17. Some people are just psycho , i had a guy try several times to run me over with his car one night when i was walking back from a night club , apparently one of the two girls walking about 3m behind me at the time had broken up with him and he assumed i was going home with her.

    He was determined to kill me and went through 3 fences and yards trying to do it, until the car was to damaged to move.

    I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, didn't know the girls from a bar of soap.
  18. I'm sure there exists an attitude that if a motorcycle isn't flying off into the distance then they are deliberately trying to hold up the car behind them.
  19. Correct..it is more effective to report to the EPA and say how disgusting it was to see so many junk food wrappers come out of the drivers window..let alone the oil spots left at the intersection...the best thing about the EPA is when they contact you..you have to prove that you didn't do it...where as with the cops you as the rider have to prove that he did..the law state that you are not guilty until proven otherwise..unless you are being delt with by the EPA. So the most satisfying route here is to get the rego,and make..time and place..EPA..maccas wrappers,you get the idea.
    No danger or rage on your side,no damage to you..and you get a smirk knowing that you have causes Mr Tool some deserved chaos for the cost of a phone call...or a few mouse clicks.
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